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  1. Gumdoc

    Title Update Issue

    Thanks for your help, that did it! Is this something I have to do for all title updates? I have dozens of games with title updates, I just assumed that Aurora was enabling all of them. There were two title updates listed, is the fact that I had it in two places what caused the issue, that Aurora saw there were two and didn't know which one to enable?
  2. Gumdoc

    Title Update Issue

    Ok, this one is driving me crazy: I have Oblivion that I'm trying to run (the original, not GOTY, so just one disc). I had constant issues where it would freeze at the New Game select screen, only way out was to do a hard reset of my Xbox 360. Read that it's likely a problem with a missing Title Update, so I found the appropriate one on Unity and downloaded it. It's a TU_XXXX file. I know that sometimes the TU goes in the Cache folder, sometimes in the content/0000000000000000/425307D1/000B0000 folder. Put the file in both and boom, I got past the New Game select. Closed it out. Tried it again 5 minutes later and back to the freezing. So, here's the strange part: The TU file was gone, from both the Cache AND the 000B00000 folder. What the...? Tried putting it back in both locations and booted up the game...it froze. Went back and sure enough, the file was gone from both locations. Tried to put it in just the Cache folder...freezes and file gone. Tried just the 425307D1/000B0000 folder...same problem, freezes at the game select, and file deleted from the folder. Any idea what in the world could be causing this type of behavior? If I put a file in a folder, whether it's the Cache or a content subfolder, how does that file disappear when I reboot the system? Thanks for any help.
  3. So, I decided to replace my small internal HDD on my RGH to a larger 2 TB drive. Copied the entire contents of my HDD1 to a USB drive. Formatted new drive, did the Compatibility fixer thing, etc, copied all files and folders on the USB drive to the new HDD, everything seems to be working fine. However...when I launch into Aurora, it's as if it's a brand new install, no paths set, none of the scripts, none of my previous settings. I double checked and yes, I had copied the Aurora folder from the root of the old drive to the root of the new one. I went into the old drive and found the folder with my user profile and recopied it, just to make sure I hadn't missed something...but no go. Is there some file, hidden or otherwise, that maintains the Aurora settings so that I don't have re-do the entire setup again? Thanks for any help.
  4. I know this has been asked in a recent thread, but the steps really aren't clear to me and I was hoping to get some guidance: I have an internal HDD on my RGH Slim, and while I've been running content from an external drive, life would be easier if I could just have everything on an internal drive. What's the best way to install a larger drive? I'm thinking: 1. FTP all files and folder on the internal drive to my PC. ( I don't have a transfer cable and honestly, don't care if t takes awhile, I only have around 30-40 GB on the existing drive) 2. Install new 2.5" SATA HDD (assume I have to format it through NXE dashboard). 3. FTP the backed up files and folders to the new drive? I'd need to install XEXMenu at the very least so that Filezilla would see the new drive, right? I guess my main concerns are whether everything I'd need for the new drive (avatars, etc) will copy over if I FTP, and what do I need to put on the new drive in order for Filzilla to see it once it's installed in the 360? Anything better or easier to do this? Appreciate the help.
  5. I do have my profile set to log in automatically. But, where is the setting to have that filter set to default? I can't find that anywhere.... EDIT: Nvm, found it in QuickView and made that the default one, thanks!
  6. Not sure if this is the designed behavior....I set up a filter to hide multi discs, works great...until I reboot Aurora, and then it reverts back to being unchecked. Is it not supposed to keep this setting once it's checked?
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