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  1. blabla

    How to enable usb 2

    So there is no solution??
  2. blabla

    PPSSPP 0.91 Alpha version By Ced2911

    Can i play god of war chains of Olympus in psp emulator
  3. blabla

    How to enable usb 2

  4. blabla

    [Skin]GOD OF WAR 4 + AVATAR OR SEM Aurora0.7B

    Can you make another version of god ow war skin plss make it more awesome
  5. blabla

    Skin Boruto Next - Aurora 0.7b

    Can you make assassin creed skin for 0.7 b or nba 2k19!!!!!!!!!!
  6. blabla

    How to enable usb 2

    Plss help i cant put a nother flash drive have Usb 0- 2tb hard drive Usb 1- 1tb hard drive The problem when im putting a flash drive or Another hard drive its not Reading its power on but its not Reading it when i go to dashlaunch i see A usb 2 but its not enable even i had my flash drive in plsss help Moved from Auroa Requests and Suggestions, coz its here better in place. Dr.Gonzo.
  7. blabla

    Skin ideas

    Video actually in the skins
  8. blabla

    Skin ideas

    Videos skins??
  9. blabla

    No Synopsis or other data ...only cover

    I disable ive strong but nothing happens how to fix this plsss
  10. blabla

    Downloading covers without games or xex

    How? Plsss help Ho can i put it on my xbox sa aurora 0.7b