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  1. 1. DL the TU 2. Put the TU in the folder and scan for TUs in Aurora 3. Activate the TU from GTA V menu 4. Nothing happens. Shortcuts dont work. Am I missing something?
  2. Figured that out. Now just to find the modded TU that will work tnx
  3. Finaly got it. The Aurora trainer system is pretty good but in my case for GTA V it needs some learning curve on how to use it. The path was the problem at start. Now is good. Thanks for the great support as always. Cheers!
  4. Oh, it was disabled. Now when I press the start + back it gets a screen shot, not the actual trainer menu. What am I missing?
  5. Hey, Im trying to install the trainer for my kid but got stuck. What trainer do you particularly use for vehicle swap and I cannot find Freestyle plugin you are mentioning. What is that? Thanks, Gorast
  6. Any chance there is a permissions problem or anything like that? This might be happening after the last Aurora update...
  7. Did all that. Reset, delete, everything. Non helped. As soon as the controller is powered up its gas goes up. I'm thinking about opening its insides to see if I can spot some mechanical problem...altho it looks solid and it was never really used.
  8. HI,. first Happy new Year :D I'm trying to play with my son on a Power Racer 270 wheel but the gas is always on. Even if the pedals are not connected. It fills up till the first red light without pressing anything. The break works fine. I tried updating the firmware from Power Racer Customizer 3.1 but it says nothing. How do I invoke firmware update? This is the current state: Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Gorast
  9. Everything is set as you said. Auto sign in, I use only one profile. I have tried everything... nothing works.
  10. I set the sorting to Activity script and set the screen position to some values and once restarted its all gone. Sorting is set to Alphabetically and screen X and Y offset is set to 0. Fix?
  11. I know I was being sarcastic. Thanks.
  12. lmgtfy always does the job. Batter search engine than Google itself txs
  13. Can you at least point me to some so I get the big picture. Thanks.
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