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  1. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    maybe i misread but i thought this could possibly be the last release ever.
  2. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    So then no netiso? And possibly never at all then?
  3. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Well mono seems pretty stable lately. Maybe I will try my hand at compiling it.
  4. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    The nas is a dual xeon running one of the Linux based nas OS's. It has docker support so I can run pretty much anything I want on it quite easily, and I do. Would love it if someone could test netiso with multiple consoles. Even if it can only support one console could run multiple instances via docker (provided someone ports to *nix) and just point to the same iso.
  5. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    How many Xboxes can stream from netiso at once? I hope it her there is a Linux version of the server or it is opensource. Would love to get it sorted so I can run it on my nas system.
  6. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    I actually did not mention a hard drive at all I figured it was a given that any jtag/rgh Xbox has a hdd attached. I store my games on a usb hdd. Further I don't need a large hard drive on my spare boxes. They are used a few times a year and only used for whole house Halo. I am fine with just a 20gig. Why do I need dual nand? These are spares that I installed jtag on myself. If I wanted dual nand I am more than capable to set it up but I see no reason to do it. I was buying nes games for a quarter and swapping out the roms for eproms nearly 20 years ago.
  7. Syco54645

    FSD won't download classic game covers

    Yeah I know. I have switched over to Aurora completely now. My one JTAG used to free at the xbox logo every other boot. It has done it since I first jtagged and installed fsd. never did it before. After switching to Aurora it no longer does that so that alone is worth the trade off in my preferred UX.
  8. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Each of my Phats (be it RGH or JTAG) has a hard drive attached on the side. Not every one has a USB hard drive. It is silly to leave one connected to a console that is used only a handful of times a year. Only 2 of my consoles are used on a regular basis. The others are actually backup JTAGs that I did back in the day before RGH existed.
  9. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Having netiso would be fantastic here because then when I have a party I do not have to find a way to distribute a game across all of my consoles. Most just sit idly waiting for parties.
  10. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    @MaesterRowen not sure if it is possible but after the next release if the future is in fact for Aurora to go stagnant could the code be made opensource at that point? Perhaps uploaded to github. Perhaps some amazing things could be done then and relive the stress on the core team.
  11. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    double post
  12. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    i am conflicted then...
  13. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    But if you do not release now is there a guarantee of another release in the future or may we be in the same situation just at .6 rather than .7?
  14. Syco54645

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    I am good with getting what is done out now. The changes look significant enough for it to be a major upgrade. The netISO would be really nice yo have though. If we can release .7 without netISO and NOT hold up dev on that front then I am all for it.
  15. Can we please get a green version for .6? This is the best skin I have found so far.