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    Hay guys made some coverflow layouts. A few pics & vids of them not all of them are in the picture/video. Some are pretty much the same. Just the main cover will be In a different position or spin, wheel, flip added to it. Hope you guys enjoy. Be safe out there guys. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tMtmMT3zdq-n1fkN4RHSGuvrzki5s3ue/view?usp=drivesdk 20200323_152109.mp4 20200323_151350.mp4 20200323_152140.mp4 20200323_151425.mp4 20200323_151959.mp4 20200323_152041.mp4 20200323_152205.mp4 20200323_151523.mp4 20200323_151602.mp4 20200323_152240.mp4 20200323_152311.mp4 20200323_151702.mp4 20200323_151849.mp4 20200323_151925.mp4 20200323_151740.mp4 20200323_151818.mp4
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    Sorry for the delay. Not been on computer in awhile. xbmc360_24_03.20.zip
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    you did a beautiful job, congratulations I will share with my friends 👏
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    So why you even comment. Plus the FSD coverflow is custom? The fsd coverflow didn't build its self out of fresh air. These coverflows are for people that wanted them & a different look than the other coverflows. There not for everyone. But hay I put these up for people to enjoy.
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    made a collection of gametypes and maps, might add more soon tutorial to get these on your xbox: download horizon put a xbox account on a usb open horizon then go to device explorer, and click the arrow near your usb click gamer profiles and drag your profile in the grey area drag a gametype/map you want on your xbox into the grey area copy your console id etc from your profile to the gametype/map file and click save to device n click your usb if you want transfer the gametype/map file on your usb to your harddrive on the xbox halo.rar
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