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    Hello all. I made a translation for Aurora 7.0b to polish language. The translation is done 100%. Maybe someone will use it. File: PL-PLv3.xzp CRC-32: a0aa1aee MD4: e952eb6c075d72d8f00a26de8cbf59ba MD5: b89568d3857ca19259caded7c56a61fe SHA-1: 966d42441d85261eb89ede1659b42ef23336c151 File : pl-PL piterk.dat CRC-32: 3c94a636 MD4: 3eb44b6ed30a12b4f506b4437c4d3bef MD5: e4a5502cc36b0237ce9e743232b5fbd5 SHA-1: 1f05707bdd3090ffd2c467cf7084c1e88044b480 File: PL-PL.xml CRC-32: 40725723 MD4: c6f4c2d1126c860df9b0f59034b7e1c9 MD5: 9b50089029ad12691fc6c4e20f769261 SHA-1: 35b4dd5fe360aec73b35686dc691879b3e39da88 pl-PL piterk.dat PL-PL.xml PL-PLv3.xzp
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    Hello, i have been trying to make modified versions of the original xbox 360 system files. What i have done is used xex tool to extract resources from xam.xex and dash.xex I then used xzp tool to unzip the resources to find the xur files. However the files do not open. I have tried to use xui workshop to convert the xur files to xui but once you open the converted xui files, they dont look anywhere near the original ui. This is the result when you try to open the converted notify.xur file. Is there any way to fix this?
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    This thread is for changes done to the czech translation for czech Speakers/ Translators, I will post changes here. ----------------------- ----- English ----- Here you have czech lang for the Aurora Download only cs-CZ.xzp file ! ----- Czech ----- Zde mate cesky preklad Aurory ! Stahujte jen cs-CZ.xzp soubor ! ------------------------ Czech language for Aurora 0.6b: 12.1.2017 (final version) - repaired any bugs in the words cs-CZ.xzp cs-CZ.xml ---------------------- old files ---------------------------------------- 30.11.2016 (final version) - small update word order cs-CZ.xzp cs-CZ.xml (28.11.2016 final version) Czech language for Aurora 0.5b Bug fixed 20.1.2016 - final version
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    I've created this a while ago, it's our very own compiler which doesn't require anything from the XDK Since i've been getting messages from people that can't compile using the Translation tool, i've decided to post this in it's own thread... The source code is available on github for anyone that's interested: https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraLanguagePackCompiler This compiler also supports Arabic, unlike the Translation Tool which uses Microsofts tools which don't support this... AuroraLanguagePackCompiler.rar
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    Thanks, Noted. Will investigate further when I get home. Kind Regards, Josh
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    Dark Theme Ultimate.xzp Dark Theme Ultimate (No Music).xzp
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    @jveda Can I just say how fantastic this skin is! As someone who has always liked 'stealth' or 'tasteful' mods, be that in game consoles or cars etc, I've always gone for something that increased the original functionality of a device but not at the cost of it looking OEM in design. for those reasons this skin feels perfect! I always loved the original blades and I didn't dislike the NXE menu, but the final menu MS put out just never sat right with me as something I enjoyed navigating or interacting with visually. with an RGH 360 Aurora and your skin, I think I've found the perfect balance of increased functionality (playing game backups) whilst keeping an OEM looking interface! the subtle xbox loading animations/icons are just perfect. I'm not sure if it's limited to just my install, but I did find a graphical glitch in a double loading bar on the title update page if you scroll between title updates when one is downloading - it seems to use the default animation and I'm guessing a newer one? I'd love to see this skin fully polished as much as possible, I'd happily make a small donation towards the project in hope of keeping your momentum up to really make this something special. Thanks!
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    The Aurora Language Pack Compiler is a powerful tool for developers, streamlining the process of creating language packs. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a valuable asset for localization projects, enhancing accessibility and user experience across different languages.
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    Was casually fixing friend's Xbox360 and suddenly translated Aurora 0.7b to Ukrainian Briefly checked for any mistakes, but if anyone see something wrong - let me know. Дякую, всім добра. UA-UA 07b.xml UA-UA 07b.xzp
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