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    Hi, I like Freestyle very much and I don't like Aurora's interface... So I've spent some days to understand how Freestyle works and let it download covers and description again (and avoid crash errors!). So I've created a script that modify Freestyle XEX to let anyone set another URL (localy or remotely, as you wish). I take my inspiration from this old project : https://github.com/Gualdimar/fsd4ever Then I've created API to return all descriptions and images, which can be hosted on a Apache server. I have now a hosted version of my code, which propose a lot of covers and descriptions in several languages, but I don't know if people here are always interested by Freestyle and if I can propose it here. I don't know if it is legal too... Now my Freestyle version works well, with no crash. Images are better compressed too and Freestyle seems to be fast than before to display pictures. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Here is a mega collection of 3346-GPD's including help and software GPD's_3346_+Tutorial.rar
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    Update, ready to use. Main fixes: * Downloading covers * Title Update Downloading games Not official. Novelty: Now only appears TU Media ID in use. ===================================== Version of New 783 - Replaced World Weather key on the API Key v2 - Fix forecast (new tags) Language: English Author update: cosmaty HOMEBREW • Freestyle.780 • ( Nao Oficial ) • Para Xbox 360 RGH.rar FSD3.783.7z
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