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    Do you enjoy Aurora? Enjoy playing on LiNK? Enjoy XboxUnity? If you answered yes to any or all of those, you better get a post in this thread!! Since I have been holding on to my donation for the Phoenix team until I could do something cool with it,,, Here is the deal... for every person that posts a thank you message to the Phoenix team in this thread, I will personally donate $0.25 to the team (max $25.00 {100 people} for this round) if you'd like to make your own donation to them you can do it HERE As a thank you from me, to everyone for showing their support,,I am sharing my first "semi-complete" HUD theme for use with Aurora With info and base files from gavin_darkglider HERE (creds to him for the file processing work, The "Aurora Home" text, and the base aurora icon) I have built on his work to create this modified HUD for everyone to show off their Phoenix / Aurora support!! Here is a list of changes from the stock HUD Custom "Aurora Home" button text & base Aurora icon - gavin_darkglider Custom Game info scene and text relocation - begal Custom "Phoenix" and "Aurora" logo's in hud - begal Custom Green temp gauges when signed in - begal Custom color/design Icons that change color/design when button is in focus - begal (prob more im forgetting, that's what happens when you get old kids LOL) System Link Button Focus (notice icon change) File browser (more custom colored icons) Install to Plugins\HudScene\** **be sure to backup your original files if necessary before overwriting them** HudScene_Aurora_Custom_begal.rar NEW VERSIONS JULY 4, 2015 This new V2 uses the "glow box" visual used in the default Aurora skin HudScene_AuroraGlowVersion_begal.rar This V3 combines the "glow box" visual as well as a turquoise(ish) home tab (I was able to easily match the temp guages color to the Aurora color code, but coloring the hud tab was done by changing the color write flags so it is not quite the same as the aurora color but I thought some people may still like it so figured id share it as well, I did it this way because to my knowledge only the outline of the tab can be colored using other methods ) Turq home tab_Aurora glow box game scene.rar Thank you to all the devs and site staff that make all this possible !!!!!! begal
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    NEW VERSION OUT NOW. 0.4b Here it is, as promised. A Database Program that will generate cht files that work with the Aurora enabled retroarch cores. The Official Retroarch build for the Xbox 360 does not support cht files, so go get the unofficial version here: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4957-emulators-that-work-with-auroras-autolaunch-feature/ This is still in the beta stages, but has basic functionality. Currently creating cheats for 1. Nintendo 2. Super Nintendo 3. GameBoy/GameBoy Color - Retro Arch Doesnt Currently support 4. GameBoy Advanced - Retro Arch Doesnt Currently support 5. Sega Genisis/Megadrive Features: 1. Create/Modify Game Info 2. Create/Modify Cheat info 3. Export Cheat files from database. (RetroArch/Snes9x,FCEUX,ZSNES,Genesis/Kega Fusion.) 4. Determine if you have roms for games in database, so you dont have to export whole database. This requires having a copy of the roms on the computer, as I have yet to implement FTP functionallity. 5. Added Genesis Cheats to Database. 6. Added the ability for the app to create a blank DB if the DB isnt found. 7. GameGenie <> Hex conversion. Needed for some emulators(Eg. Snes9x) Does on the fly while creating cht files. 8. Added Progress Bar(So you know the app hasnt Frozen) 9. Sorting game list by system 10. Added Info about DB(How many games, cheats, and games you have) 11. Fixed File Name issues with the Xbox. 12. Added About. 13. Can now update sha256 hashes for your rom set. Just click on the hash in modify game, and choose your rom. Only works with rom files, so dont forget to unzip them if you store your games that way. 14. Fixed bug with SNES9X/ZSNES export where blank cheats were getting put in file. 15. Added GameGear Support. 16. Added GameGenie2Hex converter, for easy modification of GG Codes, and it is cool to have. 17. Fixed Cheats for GBA, and GB/GBC, so now they work. Thank you Felida for cracking that one. 18. Added GameGear Cheats to DB. Thank you Felida, once again, for your hard work on the DB. 19. Added search, and sort functions. 20. FTP Functionallity Features to add. 1. Import Functions(Some have been worked on, Mainly to save me time building the DB, but the end user cant access them. Yet. 2. Export to cht files for other emulators(coming along, but still a bunch to add) 3. Finish adding other emulator cores/cheats to Database(Still needs to be done). 4. Add an option to auto rename cht files to match rom names for emulators that require this. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH SCANNING ROMS NOT FINDING YOUR ROMS, IT IS BECAUSE THERE ARE MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF EVERY ROM, AND I ONLY SAVED 1 SHA256 SUM( EVERY VERSIONS IS DIFFERENT) TO THE DATABASE, AS I DONT HAVE EVERY VERSION OF EVERY ROM. YOU CAN MANUALLY SET THAT YOU HAVE A GAME UNDER MODIFY GAME. Special Thanks to: Swizzy, and Felida for helping me track down the bugs, and Felida for helping with the Database. Download Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qr326iwepjqnfc1/Cheat%20Manager%200.3b.rar?dl=0 Download Source/0.4bFinal here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f8wt8tzwxayegy3/Cheat%20Manager%200.4b%20source.rar?dl=0 The Latest version doesnt include the database, so you need to download 0.3b to get that, and has a compiled version included in the rar, for those that dont want to compile all of the librarys and stuff. That is it for this project for me. The only difference is this has basic FTP Support, and will upload files where you want them on the console.
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    seems to be at peak hrs from 9 am to about 8pm at night eveyday Mid USA time. for like the last 6 mouths. what is the official statement why LiNK is messed up or at lest what RMS thinks is going on. please tell us LiNK players something.
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    You're just one of the ppl that don't understand the filters, you don't understand the potential... the control you ultimately get with them... Tabs? that's like a limited ammount of control... you can't add much of 'em, with the latest version you can use Quick Views, which are essentially like your precious tabs, except you set them up with ALOT more control and you don't have a limited ammount of them...
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    It's bad DVD Hardware causing that... random issues like that tends to be bad DVD HW
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    You are out of luck, on this site you'll get absolutely 0 help with Stealth and all that bullshit, if you want to go on Xbox Live, you'll have to get a retail console and play retail games like everyone else
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    Actually, you can use XEXMenu without a profile also just hit B and it'll still run