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    Donated 25 for 0.1a Donated 25 for 0.1a hotfix 4 more versions to go I'll be caught up so keep those updates coming!!! will edit this next week.. Thanks again Team Pheonix!!! Don't be cheap. Help the project.
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    I'm working oh this skin called "Dark side". I'll accept suggestions for name of skin
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    Works great have disc 1 installed into content and disc 2 GOD install with Freestyle Plugin unloaded in Aurora.
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    carter84 don't worry about being a noob, everybody had to start somewhere! You'll want to put your original dvd drive back into your system at some point, like swizzy said, the dvd trays are locked to their original motherboard. Although you can swap out dvd keys, it is a little more advanced than you may be ready for right now. You'd probably save time and money by buying a new laser off of ebay (make sure it is for the same model of dvd tray that your xbox 360 uses, because microsoft used many different models of dvd trays throughout the 360's lifespan). If the dvd tray you used as a replacement is the same model, you could just switch out the boards (easy if it is just ribbon cables, not as easy if you have to solder/desolder wiring) or you could pull the laser off of your new dvd tray and use it as a donor for your old dvd tray assuming the lasers are the same type as well. Swizzy is the best there is, just do exactly as he says and I guarantee you'll have your box running in no time!
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