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  1. Donated 25 for 0.1a Donated 25 for 0.1a hotfix 4 more versions to go I'll be caught up so keep those updates coming!!! will edit this next week.. Thanks again Team Pheonix!!! Don't be cheap. Help the project.
  2. Ok I'll have to download I forget what the tool is called to edit .xzp and do a little research.. Thanks Swizzy
  3. This might be a wierd question and/or request. Is it possible to change the dvd cases on the layout to like orange to match the skin or black? Instead of the ugly green? lol It would be cool to also be able to customize the dvd cases. Not expecting any miracles. Great job and great theme thanks.
  4. Ok I saw that on the table cover layout I'm sure the finished filter design you come up with will be better then my request..thanks again!
  5. Donated See ya next week My only request is the dpad up/down filter and I'm sticking to it. It happens? good! It Don't? Still bad ass FSD replacement!!
  6. Then $150 it is in $25 dollar weekly increments. I'm donating $25 for each version ever produced. No pressure from Phoenix I want to donate. You guys deserve it! Thanks for everything you guys do.
  7. Oh I should of added I get paid Friday morning 2 am lol sorry But I am good for it.. actually how many versions of Aurora are there i will give 25 a week till I'm caught up..
  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to look for a link but Yeah how do I donate I'm good for 25. Never mind I found it!! Sometimes things are well hidden when it's in plain view lol
  9. Do what you want I can't thank you enough anymore.... I have read this forum topic, but have not seen any request for hitting the home button and return to aurora option that would be awesome and really make it feel like fsd is officially replaced... It seems to stay in aurora when i don't want it to then it will go to freestyle when i don't want it to.. I just can't win..... Oh and one more thing I hope next update you add the hit up or down on the d-pad to filter 360, xbla , homebrew, and emulators.. That would call it a finished product to me. Thanks again Pheonix team for all your hard work..
  10. Keep us waiting... Do what you want.... I don't care anymore... Seriously I can't wait for this update I'm going bonkers!!!!!! lol Still love what i have now, but this update will be EPIC!!!!
  11. Thanks for this AWSOME!!! Update!!! WAitng on Matrix mode and for dry cleaning to be implemented or wait i was wanting ez bake oven mode..Do what you want I dont care anymore.... None the less Great job And great work as always!!! Edit sorry for no help on bug reports i'm always at work 12 hr shifts someone always beats me to it Actually sometimes i try to go to freestyle dash with it being my default startup dashboard in dash launch when i hit the home buuton to return to fsd it will rebbot back to aurora anyone else having this not really an issue? Its probably my setup not soo much Aurora...
  12. Still waiting for the chocolate chips to be implemented.... ?????? Never mind I don't care anymore...
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