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Slim 4gb with RGH

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Hello yesterday i get my xbox 360 slim 4gb with rgh with cd where i have important files etc.

Ok so i formated my external hdd to fat32 copied FSD folder and launch ini to the external. After that i turned on console and everything went ok i saw Freestyle 3 logo etc. Now i got some questions beacause im still confused after reading some info.

1. I need those programs like Xexmenu and DashLaunch? I only copied FSD on my external nothing more

2. Can i create folder Content>0000000000000000 on external and then copy here DLC?

3. Why it shows me 2,8GB left from those 4gb? It is beacause of RGH or just Xbox360 system etc.? I ask beacause pendrives 4gb had like 3,86gb or so Posted Image

4. When i was playing a game i accidentaly pressed eject button and game just turned off and i went b to dash is this ok?

5. I wanted to connect via wifi so i turned it on in orginal xbox menu but after that it asked me to test my connection and it said that it will connect to live and update something if needed so i clicked No. I wanted to ask would something happened if i would press Yes? ( I dont even have Xboxlive acc so).

6. In launch.ini there's line called liveblock=true and livestrong=false is this for block connection with live?

7. Freeboot = RGH if im not wrong? I ask cause someone told me such a info Posted Image

8. In FSD when i go to credits it says Dash: 3.0rev58 its the newest FSD?

9. When there will be newer version of FSD should i just delete all files from FSD folder on my external hdd and copy there new files from newer version and it will be ok or should i just update it from settings?I n FSD settings i saw built in xlink kai so i was wondering that my fsd is outdated beacause there's LInK and maybe newer ver of FSD have built in LInK?

10. During game i choosed save destination for first time i just selected built in memory cause when i wanted to pick my external it asked me to create some xbox360 system files i pressed no beacause i was scared that xbox gonna format whole hdd during that?

Ok it's all for now i guess. Thanks for answers and sorry for my english Posted Image

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1. You can download Dashlaunch from here (you can't miss it) if you're using FSD you don't really need Xexmenu

2. As far as I know DLC don't work from external drives but XBLA does.

3. FSD does take up some disc space. It will include all your box covers, etc.

4. Don't know how you managed that but it should not be a problem

5. In NXE settings you can block Live accounts from being created and block the console from connecting to Live. You don't want to update that "something"... If you've block it in the settings you should be OK.

6. Yes that's to block the console connecting to Live but you can also do it in the NXE settings (just to be sure)

7. RGH is the hack that enable you to run dashlaunch, freeboot, etc. (RGH = Jtag) I've never used Freeboot so I don't really know anything about. You can always Google it and read up on it.

8. Depends when you downloaded it but it most likely is the latest. You can set FSD to notify you of updates. If an update is available you'll get a pop-up when you boot your console.

9. You can do that but you'll have to set your game paths again (and probably download the box art, etc again). Mine is set to notify me of an update and when it's available I just install it (via FSD).

10. Yes that's fine keep your saves on the internal for now. I suggest you get a USB stick, format it with the console in NXE settings and use that for your game saves.

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8. The most recent version is not 58. It is 483. You need to update. Personally I just deleted my old version of fsd and ftp'd over the newest version from my pc. But whatever tickles your fancy.

Edit: I guess its 402 actually with link and webui. That's weird cause I thought it said 483 when I got it the other day. I'll have to check when i get home.

Edit #2: okay so 483 is under the mandatory update thread. That's the one I have and as far as I know, that is the most recent.

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Thanks for answers it made everything clear now for me ;) But i still got question im on Dash 3.0 rev 58 in settings i just turned on beta updates and notify me when thers gonna be update. So if im on old rev why it dont show me any updates? It should show me F3.0.483 but i dont have anything to update. Btw i use external hdd via usb and i have there my FSD folder and launch.ini maybe thats the reason? Or should i be loged in to JQE360 to get update?

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You'll have to reboot the program for it to notify you. As far as having fsd on an external, I don't know. Mine is on my hdd1. I would log into jar360 too. Not sure if needed, but seems like it would be.

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I can just say update work even from my external ;) I just logged in to JQE360 and then after a few seconds update appeard in settings. So update was installed on external anyway i guess ^^ But after the update covers seems to not download as it was before on older ver. I have no idea why. What about TUs? Should i delete them and redownload on new dash or just stay with those i already downloaded on older ver of dash?

My next question to you guys is to look at my launch.ini. I would like to know if everything is good here. I mean those false/true.


BUT_A = Sfc:dash.xex




Start =

Back =

LBump =

Default = USB:FSDdefault.xex

Guide = Hdd:FSDdefault.xex

Power =






























Edit: I just went to orginal Dash and wanted to edit avatar but when i choose Profile> Edit > Avatars when i click it screen appears and somekind of circle keeps loading and loading and nothing is happening whats the problem?Im on newest kernel. I even try to update avatars but when i insert pen to my xbox and turn on consle with pendrive update dont popup. Should i name this folder $$ystemupdate or $$ystemUpdate or maybe i should format my pendrive via xbox first?

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In regards to the $$ystemupdate:: Your launch.ini indicates that When you boot up your 360 you have your dashlaunch settings set for fsd to be your default dashboard. This is the problem I ran into. You need to change it so you boot into the official dash.

And your flash drive will need to be fat 32. Don't format it with the xbox.

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Good day.

Please, help me to make right choice. I have slim 4Gb with RGH, two days ago i updated it to 16202. I don't have any HDD, but try to use FSD from flash - and i liked it.

So, i want to buy HDD for my xbox, and use it as internal (not USB HDD, internal HDD). Can i use HDD with size bigger than 320 Gb? Or here always a limit in 320, no matter hacked Xbox or not?

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Ok, thanks.

I bought WD 640Gb, SATA3, BPVT model. How correctly format it for using in FSD?

Sorry for stupid question. Everything is ok, it was easy - just insert the HDD and format it in the system preferences.

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