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  1. Like in topic sometimes i see them and i can join and sometimes not. No idea why. I enter public rooms or rooms made by users and when i want to play i refresh like stupid in hope that something will appear. There are often like full rooms so nobody playing? It cant be that. Maybe i did something wrong cause when i test connection i get fail in broadcast port and this other one. But i ignored this cause someone said its a bug. Im 100% sure thats not the reason of this cause like i said before sometimes i can join games. Anyway Dmz is on upnp on ports forwarded from 3071-3074 UDP and TCP and in fsd settings ports are set to 3071 and 3072. If someone can tell me where is the problem it would be awesome. My router is TP-LINK Wireless Router WR340G. Maybe someone uses this model too and can tell me how to setup it to work perfectly with LiNK.P.S Im on the newest FSD same problem i had on old one too so
  2. Ok i downloaded AutoGG. So what should i do now? I want to update dash from 16202 to 16203. If i understand well i just need to turn on console and autogg. After that i should check the Lan in Auto-Update and just press Dash button and thats it? It will update to 16203? I dont need to get my cpukey etc? And what about DashLaunch it will update it automatically aswell or i need to do it manually via usb?Oh i forgot to ask should i change Flasher in options? For now its set to nandpro but my console is on Squirt360 so should i pick squirter or its not required to just autoupdate dash? Can someone sort it out for me ^^ Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone!So i loged in and what i see? New version of dash heh ^^ I would like to update it but tbh with all of u i don't have idea with what should i start.I own Slim 4gb Corona. No idea which one exactly. MFR date is 07-04-12. If im not wrong that would be v2? Anyway one guy told me that i wont see Xell on tv cause of this Corona. If i cant see Xell on my tv i cant do anything? Just asking. I have cd with my nand, cpu key anyway. Can someone tell me what should i do to update dash? I mean is it different way to update Corona console? I have 3 .bin files too named nanddump1 nanddump2 and updflash. I bet i will need the last one file cause there's even a txt for this file which was made by XeBuild.P.S When i want to boot Xell i should take off all usb? Cause i was booting it with my external hdd and pendrive pluged in.
  4. Hello, i want to know something about displaying xell. One guy told me that i can't see xell on tv or monitor when my console have corona. Is this true? If yes so how i will be able to do update in near future. Im confused now. Can someone explain this to me?
  5. vienio

    Title Updates...

    The only way that i can make tu's to work is to download them from jqe and then transfer them to specially formated for this pendrive (i formated it using console). To transfer it i use horizon. After that i just put in pendrive to console and game starts with latest tu. But when i take off pendrive title update dont work anymore. I need to install it or something from pendrive to get it to work without pen? Or i need to use it and there's no other way? Cause when i download manually from fsd and set active tu dont work. Thats why im asking. P.S I forgot to write that when i take off pen tu dissappear its beacause i just set path for those title updates in fsd to let console and fsd to see them.
  6. Oh i see topic about Minecraft good When i want to create new world after when i name it and press start game freezes and nothing happen then i need to turn off console via power button... I did it already 3 times and i dont like it casue such a turning off console with power button can harm it someday ;/ Anyway what can cause this problem that game freezes? I can play tutorial without problem. Oh and btw if i set fatalreebot = true after that freeze console will reboot or not?
  7. HD PVR a bit expensive so i will pass for now with recording ;P Thanks for answers.P.S Oh sorry for asking here and doing offtopic but how do i enter to xell? I mean when i press once eject button yes? But when i do this i dont see anything. Just no signal? Should i use other cable for that than hdmi? If i connect xbox to monitor it will work?
  8. Yeah but F3 let me do screenshot only in dash or in game too? Cause when i press LS in dash it makes screenshot but in game how i do this? Via guide button or something?
  9. Hello all! Just like in topic. I think about it for 3 days now ;D Can i somehow record my gameplay or make screenshots? Is there any plugins, software to do it? Would be awesome if there is one ^^ I saw some strange links to such a software etc. but i decided to ask here causei dont want to harm my X
  10. Everything is fine for now so i will keep playing Im using external hdd 1tb (3.5') with his own power supply Thanks anyway for all those info.
  11. vienio

    FSD on internal Mu

    Ok then i will keep those 4gb Int Mu for saves only and future system updates. Thanks for answers!
  12. You mean small chances or what? ;P It seems u ate some words there! ^^ So i think im gonna set it on 45%. Can you tell me one thing i should change something in fan settings from fsd? Or just keep it. I can't let fan to stop working! Since i have guarantee on console. 6 months left It's hard to change fan by myself in xbox? Or its like i take off the top and then plug off old fan?
  13. If u would read above posts u would know ;P You can set 40-45% in Dashlaunch in system info. When u are on Dashlaunch just press LB once and then go to system info.EDIT:I changed GPU Fan override in dashlaunch and its now on 40%. Temperatures droped during playing a game to cpu ~60 gpu 58 mem 53 and i didnt changed anything in target temp. So i must say im happier now ;P But i think about seting to 45% Gonna see any difference? And about those fan speeds it wont hurt them too much? I mean like i will play for a month or so and then fan will explode or stop to work heh ;D? Oh i would forgot i didnt change anything in FSD settings so its fine?
  14. Hello, i dont wanted to spam forums with topics but noone is answering me on chat so i will do it here. Is it safe to move fsd to internal mu since it has only 4gb? I want to know that moving fsd to mu will improve loading when i turn on xbox? For now i load fsd from my external sometimes it loads fast sometimes much longer. Someone can say something about starting fsd from Mu?
  15. I had the same problem as you have when i updated to rev483 from FSD settings. So i just downloaded manually fresh rev483 and delete ofcourse those "old" files from hdd before copy to hdd fresh one. After that everything worked fine covers downloaded automatically i could login to jqe etc. But maybe ur problem is different you should wait also for other answers. Hope u get it fixed
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