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  1. I'm not really into swapping skins but I like to option to change the look of the dash and this is an easy way to pimp my dash... Love it, thanks!
  2. Not working for me either UPDATE: After enabling UPNP it worked...
  3. Started using it last night. Love it! Thank you.
  4. WOW, this is pretty cool. I've not touched my 360 since the Xbox One came out but I'm definitly applying this skin tonight!
  5. Thanks! I've never tried to make a skin but I suppose this should be a good place to start...
  6. Got it sorted late last night, I had to clear all the data and start fresh. HAWX was just something really stupid! The apostrophe in the 2 titles was different...
  7. Thanks, mate. I'll have to try that again...
  8. Need some help/info/advice... I've got a couple of game series (Halo, CoD, etc) that I would like displayed in order of release. I thought this should happen automatically but it does not, at least not for me. I end up renaming (via FSD or HTTP) them but in some cases even that does not always work. For instance the two H.A.W.X. games does not alter there "line-up" at all and CoD 4 disappeared completely... Is there a setting I'm missing or is that the only way to rename games?
  9. As far as I know DLC and TU must be on the internal drive. I use Horizon to transfer DLC/TU to my drive. All you do is connect the drive to your pc, launch Horizon and simple drag DLC/TU onto the drive.
  10. Same here... I have FSD installed on my internal hdd and I'm not sure if you can run it from an external hdd.
  11. 1. You can download Dashlaunch from here (you can't miss it) if you're using FSD you don't really need Xexmenu 2. As far as I know DLC don't work from external drives but XBLA does. 3. FSD does take up some disc space. It will include all your box covers, etc. 4. Don't know how you managed that but it should not be a problem 5. In NXE settings you can block Live accounts from being created and block the console from connecting to Live. You don't want to update that "something"... If you've block it in the settings you should be OK. 6. Yes that's to block the console connecting to Live but you can also do it in the NXE settings (just to be sure) 7. RGH is the hack that enable you to run dashlaunch, freeboot, etc. (RGH = Jtag) I've never used Freeboot so I don't really know anything about. You can always Google it and read up on it. 8. Depends when you downloaded it but it most likely is the latest. You can set FSD to notify you of updates. If an update is available you'll get a pop-up when you boot your console. 9. You can do that but you'll have to set your game paths again (and probably download the box art, etc again). Mine is set to notify me of an update and when it's available I just install it (via FSD). 10. Yes that's fine keep your saves on the internal for now. I suggest you get a USB stick, format it with the console in NXE settings and use that for your game saves.
  12. FSD is not an update. I'm sure he (previous owner) is refering the dash updates. If you don't like the welcome screen, just don't use it.
  13. I am aware that there is a abgx database for PS3 titles and was wondering if there is a program similar to abgx360 for PS3 games...
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