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  1. Try this one: https://yadi.sk/d/O_JMxPJkmc98M
  2. Sorry for stupid question. Everything is ok, it was easy - just insert the HDD and format it in the system preferences.
  3. Ok, thanks. I bought WD 640Gb, SATA3, BPVT model. How correctly format it for using in FSD?
  4. Good day. Please, help me to make right choice. I have slim 4Gb with RGH, two days ago i updated it to 16202. I don't have any HDD, but try to use FSD from flash - and i liked it. So, i want to buy HDD for my xbox, and use it as internal (not USB HDD, internal HDD). Can i use HDD with size bigger than 320 Gb? Or here always a limit in 320, no matter hacked Xbox or not?
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