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Xbox One Dev Mode - XRF Tool

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Emoose, gligli, tuxuser and xvmm give us a new tool for Xbox One Dev gambling. This new small utility allows you to get some infos from your Xbox One console. As a special feature you can dump your nand. In the first place, its a tool for researches on Xbox One OS.


Please read the following release post to get all important infos:




XRF is a small utility written for the Xbox One System OS. It's written to allow the retrieval of console information, experimentation and to take advantage of Win32 functionality.


  • Visual Studio 2015/2017
  • Windows 10 SDK (Preferably latest)
  • Xbox One Devkit


After compiling, you can utilize a post-build event to transfer the executable via Network Share. Executable is required to be on the console before execution, obviously.


Printing basic console information

XRF cinfo

Printing current user of process

XRF whoami

Display contents of flash

XRF dispflash

Reading a specified filename from flash (Requires Administrator)

XRF readflash [filename] [destination]

Dumping flash raw (Requires Administrator)

XRF dumpflash [dumpname]


  • emoose
  • tuxuser
  • gligli


Source: Github.com



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