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I'm having a problem with the SkinDownloader script.

When I changed my X360 to Aurora, the SkinDownloader worked perfectly!

For a few days, however, it has been breaking off with "Script Error", "Error Downloading Update Information".

My X360 is connected via ethernet, all works fine! Tested with Iso2God and FileZilla!

I erased the Script and ReUp it, no change, same Error!

Please help!

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Posted (edited)

sorry to resurrect this

but has anyone got the skindownloaderv2.zip to share ?

the website is long dead and only available on https://web.archive.org/web/20190716204316/http://aurorascripts.lmhsoluciones.com/


16/05/2024 - I messaged Dan on FB - he advised he lost all of the files and php code, the website and all assets were likely deleted too.

the script is available on github in the utility scripts - but would need the php code and whatever else was being used for this script to work

I'm going to continue researching this and attempt to create something myself


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