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[Aurora] Extend Removing Options

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i would like to suggest a User Choice/Customization in Aurora. We all know how the Removing works.

If You remove a game from Filemanager, you still have the game in your GameDatabase. If you Remove From Your Dashboard Replacement FSD or Aurora, you still may have TU, Gamesaves DLCs etc. Sometimes you want to delete completely, but sometimes not.

The Removing from Dashboard is quite nice but there is not many options to choose. You delete it, and the Assets will be deleted.

Without getting into a "dangerous" Filemanager, we could let Aurora do the job WE exactly want.


These are the Options i can think of right now when you click on "remove" in Aurora:

Checkbox with default checks

- Delete Game Only (also from Database)

- Delete Game Assets only

- Delete Screenshots

- Full Delete (Deletes Gamesaves, TUs and DLCs)


There shouldnt be much combinations. We already have the possibility to delete selected TUs and DLCs.

It would be quite nice to see a concept picture with the checkboxes but im not good at it :)


Thank you for reading. Let me read your opinion to this.



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"Delete Game Only (also from Database)" should also delete all associated assets (covers, screenshots etc. etc.)

"Delete Game Assets only" would delete the screenshots aswell...

"Delete Screenshots" could be made so you delete a single screenshot one at a time...

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these suggestions are very good, if added to the dawn become much easier. If we could see our own screenshots through the Auora makes it much easier

seeing your own screenshots in Aurora isn't coming because it takes up too much memory...

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