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(unofficial) JRunner "v2" Release - 17559 With Bug Fixes @ New Features

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JRunner with 17559 support that is modified to assist noobies, and experts with RGHing consoles, and some misc QOL tweeks.

Every normal JRunner feature(duh)
Custom Program Glitch Chip menu with the most common best timing files
Discord RPC Support (Shows what your doing in JRunner as your discord status)
Autoupdate (When we fix bugs, You get it pushed on JRunner restart)
Timing Assistant (Helps you pick the best timing for your console)
Misc Bugs that we fixed in JRunner


Download ^

JRunner Binary (100% No Detections)
JRUpdate Binary (Heuristic Detections from networking, But 100% still clean)

BlueSn00w/Swag - DiscordRPC, Autoupdating, Misc bug fixes
Mena @ phenommod - Timing Assistant, Custom timing panel, Misc bug fixes
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Another update, its now only a one click deal! Dont have a JRunner setup? No problem! Run the EXE and it will automatically download all needed files and set the directory up for you. Already have a install? No problem, Overwrite your existing JRunner exe and run mine and it will add all the files needed to use the new features without breaking anything. This also apply to xeBuild, If you dont have it or a new dashboard comes out, that will automatically update.

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My J-Runner with Extras is the continued development of the PhenomMod J-Runner. I don't know where sn00w branched his J-Runner from but appears he got the source before I touched it (and therefore also missing all the new features and bugfixes 😉)

Kind Regards,

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