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Found 2 results

  1. Hello While two of these scripts have been posted before, the op disappeared along with the download link for script, so with big help from Swizzy (thanks man!) I've recreated them and added a third. Swizzy's original local co-op script works exactly as should, however, due to lots of missing player info from Xbox.com, loads of games were missing from results. I know nothing about script but wanted to added the missing games, and so through lots of trail and error I've managed to do just that. They do not included all available games, but I've added over 250 titles for 360 and XBLA by sourcing co-op data from Co-Optimus. For any missing games, you can manually add title ID to the script. It would be a great help to everyone if you could also post those title ID's here and I'll update script. I will add that 'Local co-op' includes all games where there are co-op elements within game, so not necessary just campaigns, although it would be great if someone could create just that. If there are any mistakes or you simply don't want a particular game returned via script, you can delete the title id (if it's been added manually) or add this to the script... if (Content.TitleId == 0x<TitleID>) then return false end To create scripts, simply open notepad and copy and paste script below. Save with .lua extension and transfer to Xbox 360 > aurora/media/scrpts/UserFilters. You will of course need separate file for each script, so for example in my 'UserFilters' folder I have these three files... Local-co-op.lua Local-co-op-4p.lua Multiplayer.lua So here we go then... Local Co-op Local Co-op 4 Player Local Multiplayer Don't forget if you know of any games that need to be added, please post name of game, it's title id and it's feature, ie co-op, co-op 4 player or multiplayer, and I'll update script. Enjoy!
  2. Hi guys, First of all, great work on LiNK and FSD and everything. Much appreciated, and well respected! I personally own two RGH consoles, as I am a huge fan of local co-op. Recently, I added the LiNK plugin as an alternative to XBSlink, which I use for playing remotely with a friend (X-Link is unreliable for me, for some reason...) because XBSlink is a real hassle to set up sometimes. So the way I understood it - there's no way to do both, right? To play Locally and via LiNK, that is. The reason, as I understand it, being that the LiNK plugin funnels traffic from your device to an external address, that being FQE, instead of regular system link usage which is to the router and to other devices on the network. What XBSlink does is, as part of the "other devices", sit and listen for Xbox packets and THEN forwards them to the external target. So my question is - is this how it works? If so, can't it be made so that the XBox transmits the packets as is to BOTH targets (the network AND the external FQE) so that folks with more than one XBox can enjoy local play whilst on LiNK? Is there some other fix, other than unloading LiNK on both consoles, for playing local System Link again? A different question is - how do I make it so LiNK doesn't load by default? I'm more prone to play locally than online, and I'd prefer LiNK to be off by default for the time being, until it can support both local and online play. I know there's an "Always Off" setting, but it doesn't seem to re-enable local system link; only unloading the plugin does. Anyway, thanks, and keep on the EXCELLENT work!
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