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  1. Thank you for this Skyrim looks alot better and plays alot better now
  2. I found the tool, thank you😄
  3. Where will i find the tool?
  4. Okay ill have a look. Thank you
  5. Hi All, I just want to know is there any program that I can use to create my own Aurora Skin that i can use on my RGH. I want to create something that i can all my own? Please help
  6. Can anyone give me a link to download GTA IV Episodes from liberty City? I really want to play this one
  7. i understand. i have a program to open the database files. but thats all i can do is to look at them i cant edit them. I've looked at your program and its looks really cool.
  8. Is there a way to maunally add the game information with out a internet connection?
  9. Maybe like add a section where you can add the meta data ( like add a description for the game, the publisher, the genre, the developer) Things like that maybe?
  10. Okay, I mainly use Aurora now-a-days. I was just playing around with fsd and came across that and I was wondering about it. Thanks for letting me know and keep up the good work. P.S will there be an update to your application?
  11. I just Discovered that FSD also uses .asset files but insted of 4 .assets fil in aurora FSD keeps it in one .asset file I just want to know can i also save the assets like that (in one file). coz everytime i try and save the assets it saves it in 4 files for aurora but i want to use them in FSD
  12. Hi, I'm kinda new to this. I watched the video in the post and i love the new features that will be added to Aurora 0.7b. I just want to find out, when will Aurora 0.7b be released?
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