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  1. Help me please I don't know what to do
  2. Can you give me more precise informations ?
  3. Maybe if you don't you will not be able to play with system link even if everything is passing after Verifying LiNK option So Like swizzy said,yeah you should
  4. Connection problem like what? I have the right TU but there is no dlc and I don't think It's because of the dlc
  5. Actually it worked but when I join a room and and play the game says unable to join Why is that ?
  6. I did what you told me to do but it didn't work Is there any other way ?
  7. Don't be mad at me mate I know that you have a job to do so I am so sorry for being an idiot and I like you by the way swizzy
  8. How do I update FSD plugins ? Using aurora 0.5b by the way
  9. Sorry I bothered you brother but I have only one question Is syslink.dat = syslink.xu ? And if it's not then where can I find it ? I know you're crazy busy but I hope you'll reply
  10. I have a problem guys I configured my modem router and opened the port and everything is working just fine but when I want to play cod bo2 and I press Xbox menu for system link I find it grayed out And yes I installed TU Sorry for my bad English
  11. I also have this problem. The first time I wanted to play on system link I configured my modem router and I opened a port for TCP /UPD and registered on xboxunity.net and everything worked fine until I started cod bo2 and pressed Xbox menu button and I found the system link is grayed out so I couldn't play And yes I have the latest TU installed
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