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  1. guys your donate button is broken....
  2. Thanks Guys for the hard work! i will be donating to help keep the work moving quicker! i suggest everyone try to give even a dollar to help this cause out and bless these people that worked hard to put this together for us! we had tons of complainers while we were waiting, so lets give to these guys now that its done.
  3. Actually there are a lot, I always tell my customers that its for backup purposes not for piracy. The piracy part is a part of it but we as a business do not condone nor provide services that involve the download of copywrited games outside of making a backup of the original copy thats already owned. Its not gray its black and white, Don't Pirate Games. we make it clear and thats what makes it ok for us to mod consoles in a shop. Heres a commercial of rgh/jtag I made to show customers what it does, notice the verbiage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkY5MBcybjo
  4. I just think setting up a list of pledgers that want to contribute 5 dollars or more a month for 12 months would be an amazing way to get the scene lifted again. I have a retail shop and i pitch RGH's all the time to my customers and I have benefited greatly by RMS, Xbox360Iso, Unity.net, and all the rest of the 360 modscene community. And benefited monetarily, and I know im not the only person out here thats doing this. So if we could just give back a little bit every month the moderators wouldnt help but notice and start putting more time into this thing. Until they exploit the xbox one or get more than just linux running on the PS4 this is where the console mod scene is at. so why not make the best of it now so that it can be like the xbox1 is today 10 years down the line.... i mean common they are still releasing updates for xbmc! imagine aurora 3.6 or something! with the emulation capabilities that the original has.... its sad i still have to tell people that the original xbox is a better emulation console than the 360.. thats just not right. lol plus wheres the showbox homebrew app for rgh consoles? I think that video streaming is overdue for the rgh/jtag and can be achieved if the ones that know how to do it were getting paid what they are worth. plus wheres the guy thats making these emulators like snes360 and genesis360 he deserves a hookup to!
  5. you should consider donating to the cause. even a 5 dollar gift can say a lot if everyone did the same. I personally love what the guys are doing and if a small donation can give them some motivation and encouragement to keep it up because we are loving their work enough to say "I WANT TO BE A PART IN THIS" well then thats worth it.. I believe that if more people stepped up we would see more releases, more frequently. and not only that but what about the work on homebrew applications if one of the coders had some income coming in because people were pledging say 20 dollars a month for 12 months i think the RGH would be that much more AMAZING! so Give it a try man i know they would appreciate it. God Bless, Luke
  6. to have a plugin on aurora that at least shows friends that are online would be a great help for people to hook up of different games than bo2 and gears 3 id be down for a black ops 1 game. also something like dirt 3 would be kinda fun to change it up a bit as well.
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