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  1. My opinion about FSD vs Aurora.... FSD = Nice, beaultifull, complicated and obsolet (bad Loadings if you have a vast variety of games like me). AURORA = Simple, fast and easy (No loading times if you have a vast variety of games like me). Thanks
  2. A good thing is to put a childproof password for main configs to block any not permited access to delet games and modify configs, i speak for my daughters she loves to mod any config they dont know.
  3. 360 Content Manager compatibility and i will forget the freestyle dash forever
  4. I have many lt 3.0 disks and will be a good thing to make a maner to rip discs to xbox internal/external drive like freestyle and reconize when i put discs on drive. Sorry for my bad english.
  5. Thanks for the fast reply poeple i will the another look.
  6. I like to have an option that could hide the games to be able to hide the games with several disks like with the freestyle where it was possible to move the games to the list "uncategorized" and they disappeared from the list, and an option to be able to change the skins. Thanks.
  7. I will make the translation of the 2.0 soon as i can but the 1.0 has been translated and DOC emmett is making cosmetics adjusts on strings and spaces to release the 1.0 pr-br here too lets wait...
  8. Yeh! i have to make some time to dedicate on .XUI edition it is a pain of head manipulate this files...
  9. A easy way to translate skins like a folder with language files ENG.TXT for exemple....and a dedicated way to make skins like a program with preview skins maybe...its just na idea....
  10. Sorry my friend DOC Emmett do not alow me make any visual changes on the skin so i can only focus my work on the translation i hope you can understand...
  11. I have my skin extracted via XUITT tool but i do not know where to put this images someone can help me?
  12. Hi DOC i working on a translation of your skin and like to know if i can post it here when finished? I make some changes on splashsreen.xui to be more Xbox like And sorry for my bad english i from Brazil and i´m a little rusty...
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