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  1. Sorry, вad english. Aurora skins not like FSD skins. In FSD language text depends of skin, in aurora language text depends of localization skin just for decor.
  2. Hi Swizzy.Sorry for i write in this topic. Where i can read about how make skin for Aurora 0.5b? Or may be it is not public information?
  3. Nope. Link N/A mean that link not available. If link 0 or any other number that mean link is support.
  4. Swizzy, my friend have a same problem. if it's not complicate, please post what was a problem in this topic.
  5. In FSD set active Settings- General Settings - File Manger Advanced Mode (flash,sysext,hddx).
  6. You can put clean FSD and launch.ini on USB. In launch.ini Default=Usb:\FSD\Default.xex . USB have priority and launch.ini on USB start first. Later when your xbox360 start you can delete fsd\data on HDD or copy clean FSD on HDD and set default to clean FSD in dashlaunch. OR if you have xexmenu you can start your console with holding RB on gamepad. Your console start NXE and you start xexmenu and delete fsd\data.
  7. Sorry for my english. This question interest for me to. For example PC proccesor AMD Athlone normal temperature 35-60 to work, but better keep it 40-50. IF temperature close to 70 PC will rebot, but 70 may damage the processor. In 360 fan speed may calibrate temperature, and I don't ask what speed I need to choose, I want to know what temperature cpu, gpu ... I need to keep? Xbox 360 Slim 4gb
  8. Exist TU0000... and tu00000... and if TU you need to put it in Cache, if tu you need to put it in Content\0000000000000000\Game Title id\000B0000
  9. On xboxunity.net there is a button sort and filter just sort by content Link Users
  10. Hi. JTAG and PC connet FTP with tottal comander without problem. Console ip PC IP But when xebuild update -f 17489 -d myflash -ip, xebuild tell Warning: reusing folder myflash\! error 10060 FATAL UPDATE ERROR: unable to find console. What wrong? Please Help.
  11. Try to create launch.ini on USB. For example Default=USB:\Aurora\Aurora.xex. Download Aurora and put folder on USB. Then start console and check FreestylePlugin.
  12. JValeNtine

    Game language

    Yes, chosen language on console languge actualy for Europe region games. Some games like Assasins creed for example have choose language option in game menu, other games like Dark Souls language automaticly set on language that set in NXE and don't have this option in menu.
  13. JValeNtine

    Game language

    Some games don't have choose language in option, in this games automaticly set language that choose language on your console.Try to change language from Russion to English in NXE dash settings- original dash.
  14. Thanks for answer. Live, trainers not interest for me. I just thinked that no way to play live with RGH/Jtag .
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