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  1. Will aurora 0.6b be able to be downloaded right from the update tab on 0.5?
  2. I am having a custom fred krueger 360 made for me with sounds and design .....would anyone be willing to make a skin of freddy to go with the look? would be greatly appreciated
  3. @swizzy idk maybe scrolling pics in thwe backround maybe the theme playing on the game select screen nothing to time consuming
  4. im still learning at this stuff teaching myself as i go.....so you say you can just change the backround pic does it support gifs?.....how abt changing sounds like when it loads or music at game selection screen?
  5. Just curious would someone be willing to make a nightmare on elm street skin for aurora?
  6. Ok but any ideas abt why the crash occured? I mean when it happened I couldn't even get past the 360 boot screen and the system kept shutting down I am in no way an expert at this I'm still very much learning. ..I'm definitely done messing with indie games cause I don't want console bricked or messed up
  7. Ok just out of curiosity I was trying to get an indie game working and was reading some things that had to be done....well one of the things it told I had to do was enable fakelive in dash launch so I did and then got an error saying fatal crash intercepted. ...I have since got the Xbox working......but why did u get that error and has it happened to anyone else ? What caused this?
  8. Tried contpatch and xm360 no go anyone else have any idea?
  9. I will give that a try shortly and let you know.
  10. Ok so I downloaded some of my games with gold that Microsoft gives away free every month for being a gold member and loaded them onto aurora. However when I try to load them off of aurora they don't even start. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how have they solved it?
  11. Yes I let aurora search for the title updates after you hit y on the game it still says there are none...but all the episodes say they are available
  12. You are a bloody genius sir it worked I have the wolf among us coming on disc too now I won't need to post another thread ....thank you for your help and patience with me
  13. ok so is there any help i can get from the disc part cause it is obviously all is all there but the episodes arent unlocked i dont understand why or how.....and google is not any help at all
  14. here is everything that was in the content folder 0000000020150811180038426.bmp 0000000020150811180050922.bmp 0000000020150811180145216.bmp
  15. here are some shots of the containing folders0000000020150810222248975.bmp0000000020150810222232908.bmp0000000020150810222221530.bmp0000000020150810222206798.bmp
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