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  1. Thank you for the confirmation/clarification. I appreciate the response. Rather than drive myself insane with the command line, I'll just wait for the next XEBUILD. And, if one doesn't come out...meh. I'm surprised M$ pushed out an update at all. It looks, unfortunately, as if things with the 360 are winding down.
  2. I think I understand, but I just want confirmation to see if I get it right... Unless I use Xbox Live with a dual NAND (which I don't use Live at all), and unless I use XBLS (whatever that is. I looked in to it once. The instant I saw it cost money, I lost interest. If I was interested in paying a subscription fee I wouldn't have a modded 360 in the first place), then there really is no need to install this update. Do I have that right, or is there some shiny new feature that I'll be depriving myself of if I don't upgrade? Thanks in advance.
  3. This is just me, but after reading back a few pages I feel the need to share with you all where I'm at... The "scene" may be dying down, but I have not lost interest in it. I was an Xbox guy until the JTAG hack came along. I will continue to use my RGH until someone cracks the Xbox One (inevitable, I'm sure). So, since that date seems far off, I won't be purchasing an Xbox One for a while. I'll be sticking with my 360, even though I am not at the point where I as a 360 user am considered "less than" in the gaming community. A previous posted mentioned donating to keep xboxunity alive...I agree that's a great idea. That's something I don't want to see go away anytime soon. I think I'll google, but anyone want to save me the googling? As to Aurora 0.6...I personally have wrapped my head around the fact that it isn't coming. I have guesses as to reasons, but they're only speculation so I won't share said guesses. But, this is alright, I guess. Aurora 0.5 is working just fine. I've been using it for something like three or four years now, and I can count on one hand the problems I've had with it in that time. I can live with sticking with 0.5 until someone cracks the Xbox One and opens up a whole new generation of homebrew.
  4. I guess I do need some more help. I fire up retroarch, and nothing makes sense to me. In 15 years of using emulators of all kinds, I've never seen an interface like this, I don't know what "cores" are in the current context, and every time I press "A" to a choice, nothing happens. I have been googling, but can not find a tutorial that is clear. Is there some sort of retroarch tut out there that only assumes that I can read English, and that I have an RGH 360, and assumes absolutely nothing else? Apparently I need something REALLY dumbed down to make this work.
  5. Inspired by this post, I went to seek out RetroArch. I copied it over along with some ROMs...I am not trying to offend or disrespect, but this is probably the least intuitive software I have ever seen for the 360. I couldn't figure it out on my own, and my Googling didn't turn up too much in the way of tutorials. Is there a well-written tut out there that someone here knows about that they can point me to to help me get going in Retroarch?
  6. Hello all, I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this question, but it is the closest I could find on the web. I have SNES 3.2. It works...technically. But, my big issue is that, for the life of me, I can not figure out how to run the games in their originally-intended 4:3 resolution. It just stretches them out to fill up my entire 16:9 screen...which I think looks horrible. I do run FCE for the NES roms, and I got that running so that games will retain their 4:3 resolution. I have to believe there's a way in SNES360, as well. But, I just can't figure it out. Can someone help?
  7. Hello, I've been googling, and I can't seem to find a list of fixes or additional features that MS put in to dash 17502. Can someone offer some perspective? Or, is there really no reason to upgrade aside from a desire to have the latest dash version number? Thanks in advance.
  8. I legitimately don't understand why users asking the coders for updates is such an offensive question. Seriously, I don't. It isn't offensive; it is complimentary. Think about it: if the coders of Aurora 5 did a bad job, or of few liked the product, then no one would be here asking for updates. It is a compliment to how well 5 turned out, as well as a compliment to the plans that were publicly outlayed for 6, that built such anticipation in this community. I'm reasonably certain there are coders out there who would LOVE this sort of demand for their forthcoming release. I'd like to suggest to the Aurora coders, and everyone else here, that they keep the reaction to the product in its proper perspective. I totally get that the devs are doing this for free in their spare time, and that don't owe us anything. I'm not arguing that point at all. I myself was willing to be patient for the first few months. I was previously quoted as saying that 5 was working fine, and that being the case I was in no big hurry for 6. In fact, this is the first time in at least four months I personally have come here looking for some sort of update.That being said, there was first mention of version 6 at least way back last October, over 10 months ago as I type this. After this much time has passed, maybe you could say something other than "when its ready"? Maybe not even an ETA, but where you're at? What part of it you're working on? A screenshot? Something? EDIT: I just found this link... http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6997-a-lil-somethin-somethin-about-aurora-06b/ Better than nothing, I guess. But, I'd still like to suggest a "check-in", something like "here's where we're at" maybe every month or so? Some sort of blog?
  9. Speaking just for me... I do appreciate all the devs' hard work. And, I am excited about the prospect of another version of Aurora. But, that said, I'm not in that much of a hurry. Aurora 5 seems to be working very well for me. Sure, there's a handful of features I miss about FSD, but the positives of Aurora 5 FAR outweigh the negatives. It's working fine for me. Rarely have I seen any homebrew software so stable.
  10. Sorry if this is here somewhere, but I couldn't find this... I've been doing a bit of housecleaning on my 360 hard drive, and would like a fresh scan of the database. I knew how to do this in FSD, but I just can't figure it out in Aurora. Last time I tried, I was sort of successful...but I lost all of my settings along with the old database, and it was basically starting Aurora from scratch (LiNK credentials, scan paths, everything). I'd rather not have to go through all of that again, so what's the correct way of getting a fresh database?
  11. So, when you say DLC support on a USB drive will soon be supported, does that mean that Avatar items and title updates on USB sill be supported, too? It would be awesome to keep my games all together in neat packages...
  12. Well, sorry for the choice of word. Whatever it does, it makes it work, and with minimal effort. I love it.
  13. I know this thread is over two years old, but I want to finally say something about this since this is driving me crazy...I don't understand why so many people are making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Some people are going the long way, doing way more than they need to, and some people are just giving out wrong information. Here's what I've been doing for multidisc games, and it has worked for me for years without my every having to utilize any sort of disc swapping utility. -Download ISO file -convert the ISO to a GOD package by using ISO2GOD -use 360 Content manager 3.2 to confirm recognition, and for uploading to my 360. Or, if you have the physical disc in hand, just install in to your hard drive via the NXE dash, then go back to your FSD/Aurora/xexmenu dash crack the *.xex file using the latest version of nxe2god. Nxe2god is smart enough to scan your whole hard drive, and crack all that need to be crack...you don't have to settle for just one by one by one. 360 content manager is smart enough to put the GOD package it where it needs to be. And, the Xbox itself is smart enough to switch between the packages itself without any input from you. This is true whether you're using the NXE dash, the FSD dash, or as I have been lately, the Aurora dash. The other advantage is that the GOD files are only as big as they need to be. There isn't unnecessary files such as system updates, etc, as there would be with just an ISO file or a rip. Now, here's the part that I just figured out and wished I knew about five years ago...some games, especially recent ones, are giving out two discs when there's content to be installed from one of the discs (the last two or three versions of Call of Duty, for example). What I do is before I start, I open every ISO file with Xbox Image browser. If I see a folder in the root of the disc labeled "content", then I know there is something that needs to be installed to get the same to work, installed in the same fashion as I would install DLC. So, I extract that particular disc, then use 360 content manager 3.2 to scan the folder with the extracted contents and upload whatever was in that "content" folder. What I wish there was on the web was better information about these multidisc games. My Hard drive on my 360 is very, very, very close to full. So, I'm having to make choices with some games. I've been trying to find out which multidisc games really need only one disc, and which disc that is, so free up some space on my hard drive by deleting useless GOD packages via GODSpeed 1.1 (which is an awesome utility, BTW). Some GOD packages are just for multiplayer, and multiplayer packages for a game that doesn't support system link are completely useless to me (and probably you, too, if you're reading this). Since I speak English and only English, additional language packs are also useless to me. I've been trying my best to find out what I can delete, but there's not a lot of detailed information that I've been able to find. Does anyone know of any good place I can go to get this detailed information so I can delete some useless GOD packages? Thanks for any answers, and for letting me get all this out of my system.
  14. Thanks. At least now I know I'm not blind or something
  15. This is my first post about Aurora. I love it. There are some things I miss about FSD, but the positives of Aurora far outweigh those things, in my mind. Anyway, in setting up Aurora, there's one thing I haven't been able to figure out. I don't know if it isn't there or if I'm just not seeing it... Let's say Aurora sees a game as XBLA, but I want Aurora to categorize this one paticular game as Xbox 360. How do I do it?
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