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  1. Problem solved! HDD was OK. Removed it to edit dashlauch, put it back & voilà ! Thanks for your help Swizzy!
  2. Yes there is a default.xex in the folder HDD/Applications/F3, it was my original booth. Worked fine until i decide to go for Aurora! I added HDD/Applications/Aurora/aurora.xex redirecting dashlaunch to that path and voila, i'm stuck at the xbox logo. Once i solve this, believe me i will have alternate option to booth! (blue buttom = xex menu ect...)
  3. Hi Swizzy. No luck. Here is the picture. If i remove my internal HDD (250gb) the console booth to retail no problem. I tried exactly as you said, with & without the HHD connected to the console, still stuck a the xbox 360 logo, it doesn't booth to the USB with launch.ini & dashlaunch installer on it. I don't see any way out! I'm willing to do a clean install of FSD3 no problem, but how can i achieve that if i can't booth with my HDD installed?
  4. Thanks Swizzy! I will try this when im back home.
  5. This is exactly what i did and now i'm stuck with a boot that stop at the xbox 360 logo. How can i access my internal HDD to modify dashlaunch now? I'm unable to access FSD or the retail dashboard. Hope i'm not stuck with a brick now! EDIT : I can't boot into xell, only a black screen.
  6. JPizzle will you marry me! This is the easiest tut EVER!!!! You ROCK! From now on i will ALWAYS UPDATE! Thanks JPizzle! GREAT GREAT WORK!
  7. JPizzzle will you marry me? LOL It works like a charm! Even a retard monkey can do this! Thanks a million!
  8. Ladies & Gentlemans, start your engines! You are invited to a Blur race (TU 2) every saturday at 14H00 GMT. The more the merrier. Hope to see you there! MironJ aka XYZ
  9. Very sad news indeed, to see the disbanding of the team. Best of luck & thanks for all the effort you put in FSD3. The weather API doesn't work anymore with the new update. Anybody has the same problem?
  10. And how do you do that : delete the two .db files in this folder while you are not in F3?
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