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  1. I didn't have a PS4 game disc so I used an old Commodore floppy I had and now my 360 is a C64. It's great I can play Rocket Ranger again!
  2. I am going to try RGH1.2 as soon as a Matrix V3 chip arrives for my Jasper RGH2, it appears I just have to alter the wiring and program the chip (trying different files). Even if you use a CR4 XL you have to try many different dip settings for RGH2 and only a few lucky consoles instaboot. The R-Jtop seems good as well, I found the compiled xsvf timing files on another forum for that one and there is only one file to try per motherboard type. If they work as well as I have seen it will save people a fortune using chips for less than $5.00 each as opposed to $40.00. It cost me $51.00 for the CR4 XL chip and QSB's, which are a waste of money IMO.
  3. I went to the game and pressed Y for details and down the bottom where it says to delete, rename, hide, just select hide game, I did that for all the "extra" multi discs just leaving the one I launch the game with viewed.
  4. Just updated today to 0.5b and excellent work, I love quick view, it makes it so easy to change from 360games and XBLA games now, great work it's a beaut!
  5. Late reply, but M$ did a good job on the original Xbox and it was hacked, they did a better job on the 360 and it took a while but it was hacked, so it may take a lot longer but one day the Xbox One will be hacked too. But I'm sure M$ left no stone unturned trying to make it hack proof.
  6. Be patient, these people are making a great new dash for the 360 for free, some of the posts on here remind me of this saying: "No good deed goes unpunished!" - Clare Boothe Luce
  7. I have been playing around with a Jasper 360 that had some freezing problems and finally sorted those out, I put Aurora on it and have a couple of questions, there are four player profiles on my Hdd, can I get it to load one as default when the console boots? And I put a custom pic as a background it's 1280 x 720, it won't let me set it unless I press the guide button and press Y to reboot Aurora, and when I reboot the console it's gone and back to the stock one, any ideas? Update: I figured it out I had not set a default profile in M$ dash, duh! And my custom background loads all the time now too! Thanks again for a great program.
  8. Hi guys, I got tired of FSD freezing a lot, so I tried Aurora and heres what I found, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that FSD has but it's like the washing machine you only use the same buttons every time so why have things you don't need, I only ever use the file manager and the games / xbox live / homebrew folders in FSD so I am covered there. It's much quicker to load than FSD, the covers download much easier, and title updates are very easy to manage, it even has trainers, never use them but they are there if I want to. I was worried about the fan and temps but have just set the fan in Dashlaunch so that's fine and the temps I can see by pressing the guide button. I love the idea of Quick View that you are working on it's just what the doctor ordered for having folders like on FSD but better! All in all you have done a fantastic job, the only things I suggest is a DVD copy program that would make it perfect in my humble opinion. Great work, and thanks for all the hard work you have put in, I will definately be putting in a donation.
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