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  1. Can you add used - free disk space on main menu?
  2. Aurora is great, but i have a little problem. When i press the "Xbox guide button" - the one with the xbox logo, it still displays the fsd 3 menu. Is that normal?
  3. How can that be done? We just have to apply the update when asked? Will fsd3 worka after that?
  4. I've just installed the update, and it works perfect!
  5. Thanks for the info. I was wondering why the weather broadcast is not working anymore. But you're still the best!
  6. I just installed this last update and link works now. But I have another problem now: fsd 3 keeps freezing and i have to restart the xbox. It happens randomly, in different submenus. What would be the problem?
  7. Same here! I constantly get 77-78 degrees Celsius temperatures.
  8. My xbox slim runs at 76-77 degrees Celsius. When I try to set custom fan speed, it runs directly to 60%, and it sounds very loud. Why can't I set it to, let's say, 40-45%?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to do this. I specify that I haven't installed yet the newest beta update. Could the error dissapear if I make it?
  10. Anyone can tell me why when i connect to Link i see the users with chinese characters and when i enter the lobby console freezes?
  11. When I enter system link I see users with chinese characters, and when I want to enter lobby, the xbox freezes. Why is that?
  12. When I click system link I see only chinese letters in the user list, and when I try to enter the lobby, my xbox freezez. What can I do?
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