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  1. fandabiedosie. i really liked the first version so will put this on thanks for the awesome update.
  2. i have tried this and really like it. well done on it so far. looking forward to some more releases of it.
  3. oh yea its very nice and very responsive i like it and look forward to the updates. well done on the project.
  4. this is just awesome im sure i posted before about the theme but ive only just seen it for rev 775 and i still love.
  5. thats an awsome program just been having a mess about with it
  6. Wow this is a fantastic theme. i think its awsome great job on it. i hope this theme keeps up to date with new fsd's Thank you
  7. thanks for the replyok cheers that will be why then. will a future update be compatible with rgloader as i would hate to leave rgloader i do a bit of debugging. i like fsd so much and will continue to use it, anyway im not too fussed about link i just like how easy fsd is to use
  8. I have the same problem im using rgloader 3.05. if i rename the frestyle plugin fsd boots fine otherwise it hangs at black screen. thanks for fsd its amazing
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