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  1. I having the same problems here. I see the title updates but cannot download it. It keep on saying an error occured when I try to donwload it.
  2. Wow its works Thanks. Yeah changing the Xhttp to true works.
  3. Here is my launch.ini settings in the spoiler
  4. Hello I cannot connect to Auroa, The Authentication Failed, Data Port and Broadcast Failed. I open all the ports in my router, UPNP is enabled, my API Key is correct, My 360 has static IP. WHat else Am i missing to do. Here is a image of my Pass and Failed. http://gyazo.com/d10c41ba85c57de4ff21c5d7c03b0ecb
  5. I used to join Halo 4 now i cant, i cant even join any mw3 either. My portforward are 3071- 3071 3072-3072 3073-3073 3074-3074 UPNP is disable in FSD All test are passed xbox has static Ip I had all these settings in the previous FSD and its work but since the update i Cant join any games.
  6. Found a solution and it work props to chris179 I found that LiNK somehow and in some circumstances DOES NOT change ports correctly. I had an xbox with a friend that WOULD NOT play more then once after a port change. So what i did.. Disable UPNP on the router. And change the ports on LiNK to 3072 and 3073. Add static port forwards on the router for port 3071-3074 And Voille it worked.. Yes, without those 2 extra ports it will NOT work. Period... So internally LiNK Somehow Sometimes does not change the ports. That means they will stay 3071, 3074 whatever no matter what ports you choose... THIS INFO NEEDED TO BE STICKED
  7. Its the router i have the same problem so i said f it and directly connect my xbox to modem. Problem fix, i dont know what happen but my router is blocking freestyle link did not change the settings, my dmz is enable, port forwading is good, pass all test. It was working before but now all of a sudden my router is not letting my ports go through.
  8. Wow you cant see lobbies that wierd, Im playing halo 4 but i have the same problems as u but i can see lobbies not join them. But when i disconnect my router and connect my xbox directly to the modem i can join the lobbies. But a couples days before i can join lobbies with my router so i dont know wtf happen. I dont know its it my router or the damn LINK. because i pass all the test. Like i said before just connect your xbox directly to your modem it should fix the problem.
  9. Connect xbox directly to internet(with no router) to solve problem. I had the same problem(wired) for some reason my router is not getting connected to lobbies. Dont know what happen but before this incident i had no problem with router it work fine but now im getting this BS incompatible network compatible message. I can see all game lobbies but cant join them and like you a i did a test and past all. So i directly connect the internet to the xbox without the router and it works. That the only solution i have for this problem.
  10. I have the latest title update because i can see the lobbies just cant join them
  11. People are report people just to be a freaking troll. I know this is a beta but hopefully in the future a better system will be in place. My rep is 40 because i play good maybe i need to dumb down my play. People are abusing the report system, Its hard to to prove if someone is cheating unless its blatantly out there. Its hard to tell if someone has aimbot in halo 4 because the aim assist is strong in halo 4 compare to 3. But these abuser need to be regulated, because they will report cuz they suck at the game and will report someone who is just better than him.
  12. I dont know what happen i have not change anything its all the same setting when i started out. I had no problems before now i am having some. I cant connect to no halo 4 lobbies none. And its the same person who hostes the game before and i never had a problem joining but now say incompatible network setup???? I cant even join other lobbies
  13. What the hell man, I never had this problem so why now. I cant connect to a halo 4 game anymore. Unable to join message incompatible network setup. I have join this person game lobby since link came out never had a problem til now. And yes my NAT IS OPEN. Did a plugin test everything pass. So what can be the problem.
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