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  1. That did not work, it appears to be something with the website, it actually counts up the http items, but stays at 0 kbps, and never downloads anything.
  2. I have not used my xbox 360 in a while, I am running FSD 775 and have updated to the latest dashboard 16767. I creadted an account at http://xboxunity.net/ and I am able to login into from my computer fine. When I go the 360 it logins and does not download the covers like JQE360 did? What has changed, if this is not the right place for this message, could you please point into the right place, thank You bgduece22
  3. Will the installer install this version of Freestyle
  4. But that will not see the hidden game, that I want to be visible? How do you refresh your game database so that the hidden entries are now shown?
  5. Renaming it from 007 TM Legends to 007 Legends...All I am removing is the copyright symbol from the title. How do you refresh the database?
  6. Each time I rename the 007 Legends game, and take out the TM copyright out of the title, it hides the games, I do not know how to refresh the database, I am tired of re installing Freestyle to get a new database...why is freestyle hiding this game?
  7. The tutorial did not work on my system, I get a cover for each disc separately, but when it is time to change disc, the console reboots in to freestyle 3. Here is a copy of my launch.ini [QuickLaunchButtons] Default = hdd:FreeStyledefault.xex [settings] pingpatch = true nxemini = true I have a JTAG with an internal 2GB HDD, I do not have a multi.ini or a swap.exe. I have tried the following file structures Max Payne 3 Disc 1 Disc 2 Max Payne 3 Disc 1 Max Payne 3 Disc 2 Max Payne 3 Disc 2 Each time it prompts you to change the disc to disc 2, and when you continue, Freestyle 3 reboots. The Plug in is on...I have run out of ideas and this is frustrating...So to just say follow the tutorial would be senseless...I did
  8. bgduece22


    Where would you find these plugins?
  9. Yes Sprint does have the capability to monitor your usage if you use their app "Hot Spot", but after you root your phone, you can use other apps like WiFi Tether, and you are good.
  10. bgduece22


    I saw where someone had installed Trainers on the last line of the option menu, which is blank on my fresh install. How is this done? I do not see a tutorial on this any where.
  11. When installing multi disc games, I want to be able to have one game icon, to where the disc switches are automatic as required. I was told to extract the data from the ISO and put in into a file path like this, with 360 representing the games folder /HDD1/360/Medal of Honor Warfighter/Disc1 /HDD1/360/Medal of Honor Warfighter/Disc2 Now I tried it and it works, and will swap back and forth perfectly as required, but it also shows two game Icons that are identical, for Medal of Honor Warfighter. How do I remove one of the icons with out removing the disc data, it is redundant since through either icon it will access all discs in that game set as required.
  12. bgduece22

    Freestyle 3

    I tried a freestyle 3 skin, and the system gets stuck after the freestyle 3 background. I can't get the system up far enough to ftp in the console to make the change, and the console does not fully boot to make the change...I can not be the first person who has done this...can someone help me with a resolution.
  13. I have had this same issue for a while...I erased all files out of the cache folder, and went to get an TU on NFS The Run...The title update comes on the screen, and you hit a to set active, and nothing happens...how do you get the title Update to install
  14. bgduece22


    Which emulators will play Nintendo 64 ROMS through the FSD shell.?
  15. bgduece22

    JTAG Bricked

    I tried that am a getting no picture no matter how I boot, and no matter how long it stays on. Starting by using the eject button gets no picture either.
  16. bgduece22

    JTAG Bricked

    I was trying to use the System update 16197 so that the Kinect would work. I have no video, I Have a copy of the NAND, but do not know how to boot up and get video.
  17. bgduece22

    JTAG Bricked

    I was trying to update the JTAG for Kinect, before I started I went into Dashlaunch to configure, and it notified me that it was not for this dashboard version. I hit install and it shutoff, and has had no video since. I do have a copy of the NAND and the key. What are my options. HELP
  18. As of right now I only have one copy of Freestyle 3 on my JTAG, but it does not pick up the Content, Homebrew, Xbox Originals and Emulators properly. Is there a way to either remove the database and get a new scan of only what is there now, or can I re-install and that fix my problems, I will no longer experiment on this, I would like a concrete resolution if one is available.
  19. I was given false information, and just figured out the ramifications of it. I installed Freestyle 3 while running Freestyle 2 and lost my database, and the old install was erased. The Xbox Original Data will no longer works and say not available, and the JTAG 360 no longer sees the content. Now all the Xbox Original Game data & Content are still on the drive in the same location. So I have a few questions. How can I get the JTAG 360 to recognize the content. How can I get the JTAG 360 to recognize the Xbox Original Data I have these two things under the Manage Game Paths, but the do not show any data. One last thing, what are the proper scan depth for the individual game paths. and is there a way to remove Freestyle 3 from the games section, and have it in the Homebrew section. Thanks
  20. I think I get it now...use iso2god to put the in Game on Demand containers, and then copy those folders to Content0000000000000000 You do this to all discs in multi disc games and copy them to the Content path above?
  21. I am very new at this...How do you determine the path to where the content goes, in the root of content?
  22. I installed both discs for Forza 4 , and it prompts me for a disc, instead of executing the option.
  23. How do you install 2 disc or more games like Forza 4 to a JTAG HDD so there is no disc swapping?
  24. bgduece22

    FS2 to FS3

    Thank You but now, Freestyle 3 shows up n the games, how to I remove
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