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  1. I am having issues with title updates apply to the game. I go in and make sure all title updates are deleted out for the game, in this case, Far Cry 3. I restart and nothing shows. I then plug in the USB stick that I have put the TU on using USBXTAF. I copy the TU over to the internal HDD and restart. The TU now shows up in the manager. I set it to active and the I reboot just to be sure it is all set. I log in to the game and nothing is applied. In the 1.04 update I should get a bunch more options available in the options menu and they are not there. Is there something I am doing wrong? I also tried booting in FSD 2.2 and applying the update but it does not work there either. I can eleminate the transfer to the USB stick because I added some DLC and it works fine as the white tigers are walking around. DLC always seems to work fine but TU's never work. I even tried downloading them through the FSD TU manager and those don't work. Is there anything I can try? Thanks in advance!
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