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    Cordia yeah it stopped last week for me too. You can delete/forget FSD and install latest Aurora and you are good to go. I had Aurora 0.5b installed and didn't update it and took me a week to figure out where is the problem
  2. Felida thanks for time and care. Actually i was still playing last week over FSD. Strange... I just figured out the problem. I even tried with Aurora and didn't work, The things was that Aurora needs to be updated to at least version 7 and i had 5 i think. So PROBLEM solved and thanks again
  3. I tried both now and none is working, but yeah i prefer FSD more and it was working till recently without any problem.
  4. Hi guys, i have next situation. I own 2 xboxes both jtaged and now for a week i can't pass ONLINE test (they all fail and the jqe360 authentification is stuck in processing). I can NOT connect on system link (bo2) for example. It doesn/t show me any rooms i just get an F3000003 error telling me to try again later. Both xboxes were working for years, i didn't change any configuration, router i have is a gamer one Linksys wrt32x who's UPNP is working flawlessly. I tried 3 other routers, changed the IP of internet, each XBOX uses different XBOX UNITY account etc... Does any1 have any idea what could be wrong or give me any contact to who i can turn too? Thank you.
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