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  1. Tnx swizzy sorry about asking about the wcrt patch just woke up was kinda out of it but thank you enabling wcrt patch and nohdmi succesfully updated to 16747 my console even has a way faster boot time uses to have to wait couple mins but now its instant every time
  2. Yes there has been a fcrt error but I looked up and it said didnt matter could u point me in the direction of this patche
  3. Hello hoping to get this resolved Trying to update to 16747 or 16756 I tried updating to 16747 with official xebuild using dashlaunch and not after flashing using xell my rgh will not boot wont boot into power button sits on solid green light infintele no rrod no shut off boots xell fine after reflash to orignal works fine this is the same with unoficial without dashlauch same proplem I tried multiple times with fresj dumps using nand dumbing tools also Dosnt even get to intro sits on waiting for signal
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