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  1. thanks mate solved a big headache!
  2. hi guys i have a question i have tried sorting games according to activity but everytime i reboot the system it goes back to alphabetical??
  3. got it, dummy profile it is. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hi I had a question, I use a dummy profile to login to FSD then launch the game and then log that profile out and log mine back in cause from time to time I sync my cheevos to xbox live using a retail unit. Do I need to do the same with aurora as I had read an article somewhere that launching a game using FSD edited the hex of your profile. not sure if aurorora does the same? Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone, I am looking for an extinction hack of hopefully GOD mode that will work on an unmodded ps3, i want to add my friends to my game as wel so we can unlock trophies. thanks
  6. i wonder how we can get one of the developers to enlighten us
  7. sliyk

    region question

    thank you for re quoting yourself, our ping patches are fine
  8. sliyk

    region question

    Thanks for replying but then why am I unable to see my friends game? We can see each other in link
  9. sliyk

    region question

    hi i apologize if this question has been asked before which im sure it has, but i have not found a satisfactory answer anywhere and i would love one of the devs to come forward and just put our minds at east as why this is going on. i am in scotland and my friend is in pakistan, we connect link, everything is done according to tutorials and is perfect all settings etc. we see each other in rooms of halo 4 and black ops 2 but when one of us makes a game the other cannot see it, why is this? is link region locked or something? do we have to get the same game or something? you guys have done an amazing job with fsd and we cant thank you enough!
  10. i have a question, i have everything setup correctly and so does my friend in pakistan we can see each other in the public rooms in halo 4 halo reach cod black op2 but we cant see each others created games whyis this is link region restricted?
  11. im having the same problem i cant connect with my friend in halo 4 i passed all the tests and everything
  12. hi im trying to play halo 4 i have followed everything perfectly but it says the person you are trying to join has an incompatible network, should i delete title updates and try? my nat is open devlink is on and ive done everything correctly
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