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    sorry for my bad english :)) ( it's my location LOL )
  1. creat a server like xbox live

    But can we make some kind of patch which allows us to press xbox live multiplayer thing in game and we still connect to link? Because xbox live has so much different things to use what link does not have? ( sorry for my bad english. If you did not understand that then just ask ) :DD
  2. Screen capture

    okay thanks
  3. Screen capture

    And is possible to mod black OPS 2 theater to work in system link?
  4. Screen capture

    Is it possible to use theater in black ops 2 / mw3 / black ops 1 system link? Or is here any way to capture screen (video&audio) without buying capture card?
  5. Aurora Translation Helper

    Okay, thanks for information. I have now completed my translation so I'll just wait for possibly coming support.
  6. new dashlaunch please

    Ha :DD I said let's forget that. Do not be mad to me
  7. Aurora Translation Helper

    Maybe you can add Finnish to supported language, I'm almost done with translation to Finnish. Now I need just wait for support
  8. Aurora Translation Helper

    I started to translate Aurora to Finnish
  9. RGH to online for free?

    Okay, let's forget this and peace out I just asked. I use LiNK and I will continue using it. I just asked. Sorry. I stop talking about these services right now so peace.
  10. Translate to Finnish

    okay thanks for helping Mattie said MaesterRo will contact me at 4pm
  11. Translate to Finnish

    I want translate Aurora to Finnish if it's not translated already Please contant me somehow because I can't use IRC :DDDD ( maybe I should learn )
  12. Aurora 0.1a.1 - Stability & Language Release

    Finnish language, please? I can translate it. If you like my idea then send me private message or something like that.
  13. RGH to online for free?

    Yeah, I mean something like Xbox Live Stealth but for free
  14. RGH to online for free?

    I have read from some forum that RGH can be connected to Xbox Live for free. Is this possible? I don't wanna pay 70$ for week. I want it for FREE. If someone can help me I will be happy.
  15. [Aurora] Check for new TU when launching a game

    You can download TU's with aurora, just apply it and play game. You don't need apply it every time when you play. Just once.