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  1. so... would it be possible? when you launch a game, aurora checks for a new title update and asks if you want to download it first. also, is it necessary to apply title update every time when launching a game? i play state of decay right now and the latest update has 200+ mb and it takes some time till aurora finishes applying/copying the file.
  2. so i used default launch.ini and now it works! i'm not sure yet what specific option i had set blocked the connection...
  3. i have just tried it at friend's place and his xbox, same thing debug.log debug.log.last
  4. Aurora looks really great, but it just won't connect to internet to download covers, pair with unity and so on. Weird thing is, that F3 still connects and downloads stuff fine. Aurora even shows IP as, just like F3. my launch.ini contains liveblock = true livestrong = false So what could be wrong? edit: ftp/webui doesn't work either
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