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  1. Is this legit? I'm a little skeptical since its not on the front page, I'd rather not use an unofficial version edit: nm looks like swizzy posted it on homebrew connection
  2. Plop it on your HD just like FSD and point dashlaunch's default location to Aurora.xex.
  3. It isn't an installer, it's a stand alone app. Atm I've still got FSD as default and I can run Aurora as needed too but despite being alpha it's pretty solid. I could definitely see using it by default. It seems like they're going for a more simplistic streamlined design and even the alpha seems to handle that pretty good. It managed to scan all my folders and get pics in probably a quarter of the time it would of took FSD. edit: Honestly probably the only reason it isn't my default yet is laziness. It definitely will be soon. Like others have said FSD always felt like unleashx (xbox 1) to me and this feels like homebrew on the 360 should. 2nd edit: I downloaded a new game so I thought it'd be interesting to time FSD and Aurora at scanning my hard drive (aside from the new game both already had their library's built), my hard drive's got 900gb worth of content already but FSD took 7:25 and Aurora took 3:10. Obviously these numbers are very scientifical and should be taken quite seriously
  4. I gotta second that one, it'd be pretty nice to have custom DL settings for some games. Loving Aurora so far though. It's sexy and god damn is it fast! Put's FSD to shame there. I would like to see like a wallpaper option (without having to change the theme) though.
  5. I got past the black screen. Problem was dashlaunch. I put aurora on a USB stick w/ it set default in launch.ini (and no other settings) and it boots just fine. I'm pretty sure it was livestrong or something else that was the culprit. edit: nm didn't notice it was solved above
  6. As far as I understand you install it just like anything else. Plop it on your HD, boot the .xex (or lead DL to the path of the .xex). But I'm getting a black screen so wtf do I know. I appreciate the effort though, it looks like a really great project and I can't wait to give it a spin.
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