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  1. i think u need to upgrade the xbox org dash.. which has alot of info and tutorials on this forum..
  2. how many can banners can a single member can post??? can it be animated GIF?? it would be more awesome if its dynamic picture than just static ( still ) picture hope i get a fast reply to this so that i can start working and if an animated gif files are ok... do u have a size or time limit to it?
  3. just extract it.. dont make it a GOD format and see how it goes.. i have rgh but the FSD is 3.06 and its working super fine
  4. hello.. sorry for not replying for a long of time to help you all.. and now i need help with some information when i press guide then link then i go to the right.. now they have ping patch and dev link option u can turn on and off directly from there.. thats soooo cool and neat but there is a 3rd patch.. called con patch.. whats that???? can any body tell me what that do if its on or off
  5. ilumne .. but its before the link update.. so it doesnt work any more
  6. mmmaerm

    Dead Space 3

    i am downloading it as we speak.. shame that it doesnt have system link
  7. masseges and friends arent avaliable yet.. ho masseges and friends arent avaliable yet.. hopefully it will be in the next update
  8. wow.. i have to do this with all my 100 game?.. thanks for helping.. i already know that trick.. i was just saying an idea.. maybe it will be easier and elegant to F3 to do that idea
  9. i already done that.. it give me doubles to every game.. the only solution is i reinstall F3 completely which is frustrating
  10. i already done that... it give me doubles of every thing
  11. i have a request in the new update to be.. hope it would be applied 1 - to have in the option menu .. a reset and scan all games.. like delete all the found games and rescan all of them.. to avoid some double games 2 - same thing but with game covers.. to delete and redownload all game covers to all the games i have
  12. i am sorry but i dont understand... r u talking about a hardware hack.. which is not jtag nor RGH or xkey or wassabi?? or is it just software hack? or what???? is it for all consols? slim? phat? is it for all versions??
  13. try to update it to 16202 or 16197 do u know how?
  14. u might need to update your kernel as well.. whats your kernel???
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