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  1. In my habit of playing through games, I tend to play a game frantically until I have finished it. And as such I just wanted to suggest a feature to Aurora, that when you start aurora it either displays the last game played (in the list), or have a hot key to launch last played game. Would that be possible?
  2. I am still new to Aurora, used to how FSD works. Anyway, thanks for your replies. And thanks for Aurora. Love to see what future will bring for this project
  3. Aurora informed me there is an update, so I updated, and went to press Guide button, then chosing filebrowser, expecting to see something like hte file browser of FSD that allows copying, deleting, making folders and other file operations. However, I can see no difference in the file brwoser from 0.2b and 0.3b. Anyone else that has found anything new in the file browser?
  4. Thank you for your hard work on Aurora. Looking forward to the file manager as I currently switch back to FS3 to do that stuff..
  5. I also get duplicates of Dragon Age:Origins, path HDD1:\Contents\0000000000000\, Scan Depth 2. The games that has multiple entries, seems to gain one each time there is a scan performed.
  6. Yes, I checked the folder and its contents. Its in USB0:\Games\Xbox360\C\Child of Light folder. Scan depth is 8. So far it is the only game I have found that ends up in a multiple entry like that. Update: Any logs etc. that I can contribute to help solve it?
  7. I am getting multiple entries of "Child of Light" in my list in Aurora. is there any way to fix this?
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