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  1. Hello.For me everything works great and the experience is much better also. I am on the latest dash.However I have a little problem. The added new HUD info bar looks kind of messed- cut in the bottom. My resolution from the XBOX DASH is right as well as the overscan option in FSD. P.S. One more problem FSD fails to take screenshots when the xbox dash hud(one opened with the guide button) is opened. Third thing: WebUI stops working when game is launched.
  2. And what I am with 4gb slim with external HDD?So no HDD1 folder...
  3. Done that. But some(2) stay as they are in the drive game:/ (i suppose it is the fsd itself) and simply deleting with x doesn work and I cant find them where exactly they are.
  4. Hello everyone, I managet to get my BOPS 2 and F1 2012 updated but Halo 4 is a tough one. I can say i did probably everything and it doesnt work. Even formatting all the hdds and INT Mu of my xbox but it doesnt work. So can someone (with working TUs)give me his configuration in the Manage title updates tab. I mean do you enable only 2nd TU or 1st and the 2nd?
  5. Yes, I did.. But some people even when they see their TU vesion is in red are too careless to upgrade. But this way they kind of screw the multiplayer experience of the others too. And I see no reasons not to upgrade? Usually TUs only make small changes,enable DLCs and fix bugs. Nothing major.P.S. Now when I am rethinking the whole thing maybe i see a reason not to force to update the TUs now, at this stage. There is still a bug with FSD that occurs sometimes and with certain games. Even though you download the updates and enable them,restard the xbox,the game stays not updated. The only solution is to manualy paste the file in the correct folder. If a dev sees this post, please look into this issue.
  6. So no way to add leveling in Black Ops 2 for example(and all games that dont support this function in system link)?And also can you add a feauture to make all people use the latest TU for the game. For instance when you launch the game and open system link it comes up with a message like" You do not have the latest TU for this game. Please update to be able to play". This way everyone will play together. I seen lobbies with 30 players and up and could find 1 game with 5-6 people only becouse the others have not updated.
  7. Hello guyz I`d like to report a bug with the new Link. When trying to connect to some rooms(usually the more crowded ones) I have a problem- when i press A the names of the rooms dissappear. If i press A again the xbox freezes. If I press B to go back everything is OK but i have to choose another room. P.S. One more question- i want to play nuketown dlc on BOII. Is this possible with LiNK?
  8. Man I was desperate and this FIXED MY PROBLEM. I love you! Been staring for 20 seconds in the new 22.0.-1 version of my Black OPS II. And I have a question now concerning this part - "PLACE IT INTO YOUR CONTENT/000000000/(GAME TITLE ID HERE)/000B0000 THIS IS FOR BLACK OPS 2 OR HALO 4 IS CONTENT/00000000/(GAME TITLE ID)/00000002." Ok till CONTENT/000000000/(GAME TITLE ID HERE) I would be able to know the path for every game. But how do you figure out the name of the next folder. For instance- how did you figured out that 000B0000 is for BOII and 00000002 is for Halo 4. I ask because I wont to know the folders for Borderlands 2 and MW3. Thank you.
  9. No it isn`t. It should be 22.0.-1. I have the same problem. Now I am trying clean reinstall of everything and will let you know if it works.
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