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  1. Just tested it. It goes straight to the menu like usual. I placed the game on the same folder as default.xex, renamed it "autoboot.iso", took the name from the line " RunPcsx("game:\\autoboot.iso"); but nothing. Created a gameprofile named autoboot.iso.ini and added "Game2Boot = game:\autoboot.iso", and later did the same with default.ini. So far, no luck. I can run the game the usual way, nothing strange to report there, no weird behaviours.
  2. Hey Swizzy, here's the source code for the last version of Pcsxr 2.1.0, in case you still wanna add the autoboot: Pcsxr 360 2.1.0 Source Code PS: Wouldn't mind if we get a version that autoboot .iso and another one with .bin/cue
  3. Apparently someone did. On a chinese website ._. Anyways, here it is as an attachment. And also a mega link, just in case: Pcsxr 2.1.0 pcsxr-360 2.1.0.zip
  4. Great work man. I'm glad someone is still working on this. Mind if i ask you a few questions? * Is there any way to autoboot games like the (really) old version? (psx.iso) * CDDA games like Pepsiman and Gekido have music now? If so, does this version let us select the .cue file? (Last version didn't show files with this extension). Thanks for everything! EDIT: Can't download from filedropper. The file size it's always 0kb. Can anybody upload it on a different server?
  5. Hw gpu plugin: Coming "soon".
  6. letmebe

    PCSXR game list

    Pcsxr 2nd version (didn't try the 3rd yet): Megaman Legends (NTSC), and Tomba 2 (Pal version!) work perfectly. But the Tomba's rumble doesn't work (may work on the 3rd version). HP: The sorcecer stone (PAL) doesn't start after opening the book with the history; i have to try the ntsc version.
  7. Another updated version.* http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/70002498/file.html Changelog: - Fixes screen tearing (on Megaman X and True Pinball at least). - Rumble function is working fine. *All credits to PatchAdams for compilate and upload it. Tested by thomasmaruzs.
  8. There's an updated version already. Here's the link: * http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/90987583/file.html Changelog: - Analog support. - Some games that didn't start after Sony logo now are playable and start. - Removed Sony logo so some games can be playable... - Tried resident evil 1.5 which didn't start at the beginning and now works awesome but no more sony logo at the start of everygame. ----- Another interesting thing: *All credits goes to thomasmaruzs, from ced2911 site. He is the one who compiled the application and uploaded it.
  9. letmebe

    PCSXR game list

    Megaman X6 works perfectly (but they already tried so..) DragonBall GT Final Bout - Works Perfectly. Yu-Gi-oH! Forbidden Memories (PAL VERSION) - After the intro, and menu, when you start the history mode the game freeze on the first couple of frames (with the dialogue box empty). It Doesn't Work.Digimon Rumble Arena (NTSC - Jap Version) - The game freezes in the loading screen before a battle. It doesn't work = ( .
  10. Actually...The system is built to work even if your internet connection goes down, but you still have to be connected at least once a day to use it, according to Phil Harrison (Microsoft vice president). No backwards compatibility, even in Digital version; PS4 won that round (Gaikai, you can play PS3 games too). I hope so, that would be awesome (and compatible with pc, like the 360). But if i remember the demos they showed were playing with the new controller on....the 360?:
  11. Hi.My Corona 4gb with RGH also has LT 3.0.If i update it like this, will i loose the LT Flash?Seeya.-
  12. Yes, it should. If it doesn't work for you, check your setting are like this: Signnotice: True AutoShut: False Fakelive: False (maybe, this one doesn't seems to make a difference). Autofake: False If i don't use it like this, my BO2 doesn't start. Seeya.-
  13. letmebe

    FSD Home crashing

    No. They're both in a usb with this paths:
  14. Sorry, english is not my first language. Hi, I have F3.0.483, DashLaunch 3.06, 16197 dash version. Everytime that i open fsd, if i press the "Xbox logo of the controller" (on the NXE Dash, playing a game, etc) and press "Freestyle Home", it crash (Fatal crash interception, or something like that). Any idea how can i fix this? Thanks.
  15. Hi. This is Not FSD = Freestyle Dashboard. This is a different program, called Dashlaunch.
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