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  1. I kinda hate this eMMC mode on my xFlasher. As promised, here are my steps and wiring.
  2. The soldering was as on that picture I saw in the X-Flasher's instruction. I re-soldered it 2 times. I actually tried a lot of variations. Can't really remember which one actually worked. When I get another Corona 4GB, I will test it again. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I am not sure if it is related to J-runner, drivers or X-Flasher, but I will write here. So the problem is, my X-Flasher doesn't really work that good in eMMC mode. In this mode it constantly looses the connection with the console and crashes J-runner. Sometimes I manage to dump 2MBs of NAND, sometimes 4, sometimes 40, but very rarely it allows me to dump/write the full NAND. I noticed that X-Flasher usually looses the connection (USB Drive becomes Removable Disk) as soon as or very shortly after I click on write or read the NAND. Sometimes the console boots by itself while X-Flasher is dumping or writing the NAND and fans are spinning in a jet mode. J-Runner constantly crashes or writes hardware malfunction while dumping/writing in eMMC mode. It took me about two hours to dump and write the NAND. SPI mode works like a champ. X-Flasher - RevB. J-Runner - 3.0.3b Has anyone had this problem before?
  4. Would be magnificent. If you want, I can donate 64mb XDK nand with CPU key.
  5. Just wondering, why it is not possible to use SMC config editor with XDK 64mb nand image?
  6. Thank you for updating the tool! Does anyone know how to change the output folder? I mean, the tool always keep creating new files in the old folder despite the fact that I store it in a different folder.
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