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  1. Thanks for the reply Felida, appreciate your explaining on it all. If I could go off topic, I've updated my dads rgh, he loved the old snes games and he always had the classic Zelda but he always told me it never saved the file after saving and quiting, I further investigated and see what he was talking about. Just so you know I have this game on cartridge but I tested with 4 different roms all of which dont hold the saved srm after a reboot, I am using the snes360 emulator as its more easier for him to navigate. Other games saved their files perfectly but not this game, I wondered why that was? he would play a great part of the game and save then when going to play again it was straight back at the start of the game. Now I know he can use the save state which I've jut taught him but I wanted to know why this would be an issue and not the same with other games. Just so I can wrap my head around it. Thanks alot.
  2. Thanks for letting me know felida, i appreciate the reply, most def out of my region haha. thanks again
  3. I'd be interested to see which trainers you have from your personal collection, what is needed to create trainers? a dev kit is it? I always wanted a trainer for Need for Speed the Run, could never find one, mainly for the nos/speed boost. I would like to learn but I dont think I have the tools to try or know where to start. thanks
  4. Hello folk, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I dusted off the RGH, Trinity if needed. Updated to the last dashboard and updated to the latest Pheonix. All running well until I started a new Fight night champion legacy mode, After the usual steps and transfering the save file to pc, maxing out stats and saving resigning I transfer it back to the xbox, ingame the stats dont move, anyone any ideas as to why the effects to take place? I tried all different options. Different title updates and that but still nothing, Some help would be appreciated. Thanks alot. ================================== Scratch this, I think I figured out the problem.
  5. Lol thanks for your reply, i used to upload covers a few years ago, yes covers are always community friendly, there are alot i want to upload aswel. And for downloading the assets, can i download all assets from all games that are on my system to my pc? or is that needed to be done game by game. Thanks Felida
  6. Hey guys can i ask how long it takes to upload a cover to unity? I uploaded a snes emu cover a few days ago and its not there. Is this feature still available? I've added it manually via the asset editor. Can I also ask is there a way to have me download all the assets that are on my system to my PC in one swoop? thanks
  7. Thanks for your help felida, for some reason my wireless adapter didnt see the change, even tho it is all connected and ive been downloading TU and stuff, I switched to ethernet and it worked straight away, thanks so much, makes it easier for me when transferring dlc and TU from my console to my fathers. Cheers
  8. Do i need to be connected to internet at all times? for some reason it never showed when connected via my wireless 360 adapter, So ill try with wired connection, ill report back if it works, thanks so much
  9. Perfect guys, I've been away for a while. I'll test soon, thank you guys
  10. Thanks alot for your reply felida, I am connected even after a fresh install. strange it hasnt worked. I will delete and try with a wired connection, Thanks again
  11. Sorry to repost in an old thread but i deleted 0.6b and fresh install and it didnt work, any other solutions? thanks ------ Do I need to be on the latest dashboard??
  12. Hello guys, I've been along time admirer of Aurora and user, I would like to know is it possible to separate Games into categories? for example XBOX360, XBOX, XBLA, HOMEBREW, EMU's? I only ask because im updating my fathers RGH system, I love the way it comes stock and don't mind it but he asked me if he could have all his games in separate categories. Thanks alot guys and hoping for a reply.
  13. Thanks alot for the reply mattie, ive sorted it, I also check that out gavin thank you.
  14. Hey guys really sorry to repost in an old thread but I cant understand the dashlaunch settings for fan speed. Can I set my temps at a certain temp then if my console reaches those temps will the fans come on to cool it down? Do i need to tick the little gpu over ride box for the console to be set that way? or do i leave that blank, set the temps and save the settings? thanks alot and sorry reopening an old thread. I have a Falcon console.
  15. congrats on the win. i really like it. looks cool. well done.
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