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  1. But official update will work with each one (SU, beta or Beta(su only)) for RGH/JTAG? I have to download right kernel for preparing with xebuild. Which one?
  2. Which kernel should I download from GXArena? SU only, Beta, or Beta(SU only)?
  3. What do You thing about this two links: 1.http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/dashboard-system-updates/13199-xbox-360-dashboard-system-update-2-0-16547-0-download-avatars.html 2.http://www.xpgamesaves.com/topic/94674-xebuild-16547-download-here/ Has anyone checked this?
  4. Does anyone know if there is already xebuild for kernel 16547?
  5. What can I do? ****could not read cf_16537.bin (-1) ****** ***** ERROR : critical bootloader files are missing, canno proceed! **** Fatal update error: unable to complete NAND image ***** Please, help!
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