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  1. Ive sorted it. I went into dashlauncher/behavior and activated autoswap, working spot on now. Thanks for the help pjizzle, I just need to update everytihng. Some how Ive ended up back on fas 2.2 rev727 but at least Im getting to drips with this multidisc stuff and understanding it better.
  2. How do I reinstall everthing on an RGH?? FSD3 and dash launcher?? Ive had some trouble with multidisc games, Ive now realised how to configure them properly however I downloaded the latest dashlauncher but when I went to install it, something went wrong somewhere because rather than the updated FSD 3, I ended up back on version 2.2 rev 725 instead of FSD 3. I installed it by going out of FSD and into the offial 360 dashboard and quick play and selecting the FreestyleDash Installer which was there. This has absolutely done my head in bigtime. Obviously there is an old version of Freestyledash launcher which was visible on my offical 360 dash board. How to I get rid of it and update the lot??? I have tried selecting the option to download the latest version BUT nothing happens. Any advice and guidance with this will be very very much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.
  3. "FSDplugin is loaded". Thats what it says in system settings and plugins. Must be something daft that Ive overlooked
  4. Just downloaded the launch.ini and here is all the info off of it [QuickLaunchButtons] Default = hdd:FreeStyledefault.xex [settings] nxemini = true pingpatch = true Thats all there is
  5. This is the info from my launch.ini [QuickLaunchButtons] Default = hdd:FreeStyledefault.xex [settings] nxemini = true pingpatch = true Im clueless here
  6. How do you check if youre using swap.xex in dashlaunch? I cant find any swap.xex file! Dead Space 2 shows up twice but still I cant get it to auto change from disc 1 to disc 2. Thanks once again
  7. So i need to ftp into my xbox and delete swap.xex?? This is where I think I went wrong and misinterpreted your tutorial. Thanks JPizzle, all the best for the new mate
  8. Oh wait hang on! I need 2 dead Space 2 folders but disc one and disc 2 in each dead space 2 folders????
  9. Thats how Ive set it up. Both disc 1 and 2 placed in the Dead Space 2 folder.. Still no joy ;(
  10. You mean in my library? Yes. but Ive put both discs 1 and 2 in my dead space 2 folder on my hdd (usb01) Reinstalled my fad 3 and its still the same. Thanks JPizzle, your help os really appreciated mate
  11. Still having trouble with this. I'm playing Dead Space 2. Ive set the game up like this: Usb 01/Games/Dead Space 2/disc1 and disc 2 Ive checked my settings and the FSDPlugin is loaded. Is this right?? At the point in the game when it comes up saying "please insert disc 2" is it supposed to be automatic or do I need to press any buttons?? ( sorry if that sounds like a daft question) Thanks in advance guys, any help with this will be very much appreciated
  12. Playing dead space 2 and have both discs on my external hdd, just come to the end of disc 1, a message popped up, saying "Please Insert disc 2". What do i do??? I thought on fsd 3 it would have automatically played on without having to mess around like you have to do with discs?? Thanks in advance guys (I really feel kind of stupid askng this question as this is probably basic stuff I should know.)
  13. Is it possible to set xbla up on my external hdd with my games???
  14. Having trouble setting up my XBLA games and DLC on FSD 3. Ive created a game path that looks like this HDD1/XBLA content. Ive created an additional path but cannot see anything in my xbox live arcade within libarary on my fsd 3. help.Thanks in advance guys
  15. Is this the same for fsd 3?? I want to put assassins creed III on my hdd, both discs. Thanks
  16. Working fine on my machine. I do have a question though. Are there any plans to fix the trainer manager in the options??? This would be a great addon. Thanks in advance guys
  17. Thanks JPizzle, will do it tomorrow. Im off to bed. I just download and install the latest version?? Seen it on the front page of this forum aswell lol. It was right in front of my eyes.
  18. Installed this and I must say its superb. My only question is, I thought it would have fixed the issue with Black Ops 2. Im still having the same trouble. I can go through the menus etc but when I go to press a to start, I get the black screen, if I go to play zombies, the countdown gets to "0" then the game freezes. I could get the game to boot up on my old freestyle but had to unload the launcher for it to work. Any help and advice here, would be greatly appreciated (yet again). Thanks guys, you are all legends
  19. Right how do I do that??? Im on a coolrunner rgh if that helps. Already bought it premodded
  20. Trying to update. The update notifaction comes up but then I get this error message Update Failed Cant process the update. if problem persists, go to www.xbox.com Stauts Code 39f-3f45-1600-2446-c810-1004 Anyone help me with this??? Thanks in advance guys, any help would be greatly appreciated
  21. Right, what if you do not have a Kinect but you still want to install avatars???? Thanks, any help with this will be very much appreciated
  22. big lol at your avatar mate. Used to love on the busses. Thanks I realized late last night where I was going wrong. Sorted now and working like a dream. Superb
  23. Hi everyone, my first post so please be kind. Only really getting to grips with my new RGH console. I have just updated my FSD. Im using an external HDD for my games and have about 20 gams on it, however Im having trouble setting these covers up. When I go into "xbox 360 games", its empty so how do I sort my games so that they appear in the Library in Xbox 360 games?? Thanks in advance guys, any help with this will be very much appreciated.
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