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  1. Locate the text you want to copy within the app. Long-press on the text. This action will highlight the text and bring up the text selection handles. Adjust the selection handles to encompass the desired text. You can drag the handles to include more or less text as needed. Once the text is selected, a toolbar should appear at the top or bottom of the screen, providing various options. Look for the "Copy" option in the toolbar and tap on it. This will copy the selected text to your device's clipboard.
  2. To safely copy and backup the profile named "Keep Me" on your Xbox 360, you can follow these steps: Go to the Xbox 360 dashboard. Navigate to the "System Settings" menu. Select "Storage" and choose the storage device where the profile is located. Locate the profile named "Keep Me" and select it. Choose the option to "Move" or "Copy" the profile to a USB stick or another storage device. You can rename the copied profile to a name of your choice if desired. By doing this, you'll have a backup copy of the profile in case the original gets corrupted or deleted. You can restore the backup by moving or copying it back to the Xbox 360's storage device. Yes, you can add custom wallpapers to Aurora. The wallpapers need to be in JPEG format with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The color depth should be 24-bit (true color). You can transfer the custom wallpapers to your Xbox 360 by connecting a USB stick to the console and copying the wallpapers to the "Backgrounds" folder in the Aurora folder on the USB stick. Then, in Aurora, you can navigate to the settings and choose the custom wallpaper from the available options. If you want to bypass the autoloading of Aurora and boot directly to the standard Xbox 360 dashboard, you can hold the Guide button on your controller (the Xbox logo button in the center) while the console is starting up. This will load the default dashboard instead of Aurora. In case your hard drive becomes corrupted and won't boot, you can indeed boot up the Xbox 360 using a USB stick. However, the process of setting up an RGH Xbox 360 from scratch and installing the necessary software is beyond the scope of this response. It's recommended to refer to detailed guides and tutorials specific to RGH consoles to understand the steps involved in setting up a new hard drive and installing the required software. You can search online for comprehensive resources or visit modding communities and forums for assistance. RGH (Reset Glitch Hack) is indeed a hardware modification that involves installing a chip to exploit the Xbox 360's boot process. The RGH chip bypasses security checks, allowing unsigned code to run on the console. The RGH-related code resides on the chip itself, and there is no RGH-specific code stored on the hard drive that can be corrupted or deleted. Therefore, even if the hard drive encounters issues, the RGH functionality should remain intact.
  3. By blocking Xbox Live through Dashlaunch, you can prevent the console from connecting to official Xbox Live servers while still being able to access other online features or services. This can help mitigate the risk of detection and potential consequences associated with using a modified console.
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