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  1. also demon driver for windows 10 too please
  2. does anyone have a updated driver for the usbpro so i can use it on jungleflasher for windows 10 ? really could use it , thanks for the other drivers really helped so far
  3. the hard drive is connected to the sata port inside the console , is shows up every now and again but for some reason when i run the partition fixer it does it { at least i am sure it works } but when i go back it still says 0.0gb /0.0gb , so what do i do next since i copy and paste the compatibility folder in it and nothing shows up and it doesnt work
  4. i have a 2tb hard drive attached to my trinity and when i am in xex menu it shows up but it says 0.0gb/0.0gb , how to fix this so i can use the HDDX partition fixer so i can finally play xbox1 games , i have tried to use it and still does nothing
  5. i know this is a old post but i have a 2 tb hard drive in my rgh trinity and its not stock at all , so how do i get the HDDX partition of the drive so i can download and play xbox1 games as far as i know you can only do the partition hack to retail hard drives so how can i do it if i dont have a retail hard drive , i have a 2 tb hard drive fully installed in the place of my disc drive so its hard wired in
  6. i know you dont like the fact that people go online with their modded consoles and im not going to lie but i do go online and i like to have the newest dash on all of the consoles i have and the consoles that i make for customers , i barely go online at all so not enough to make a differance to anyone cause i only do modding for friends because i am not trying to blow my kvs that i have , i have a normal stock console too , so online is not a problem , but holding it againest people who like to have the newest dash on their consoles is a little bs , i really want my xex plugins back and im not in the mood to downgrade my dash and then upgrade it again soon after just to be able to use dash launch , its a great tool to have and really needed now that there is a new update that freezes it , so if you dont release it then someone will release it sometime soon and take all fo the credit from you swizzy , i know of one person right now that is working on it to fix this issue so if i was you i would get on it to get the credit for an awesome thing like dash launch 3.13 so please release it soon to help us people who really want our xex plugins back for like xbox neighborhood , Connectx and useful xex pluginis , not just for online play , but thanks again for an awesome tool
  7. so just updated my console today sept 4th 2014 to the newest dash gui for dash 2.0.16767 which xbox live updated to today so thank you who ever made the updated xebuild gui for the new dash , but now dash launch 3.12 doesnt work , it loads up but when trying to put everything back the way it should be it freezes up and i have to restart the console and did again and still freezes so either need new dash launch or something
  8. i have a complete set of n64 games its around 412 games , what i am looking for is a complete set on snes games , i have n64 , sega , nes , just not snes
  9. cant download the oakland raiders one tells me that i dont have permission
  10. hey if someone could make all of the nfl and nhl teams for fsd themes that would be awesome and also a Appokruznz Kustom Konsoles that would be awesome too or at least a fake boot animation with my custom name in it
  11. thank you , thank you , thank you , now anouther question how do i make boot animation , i would like to know how to make custom boot animations
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