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  1. nice start. should make the blocks randomly appear on each line so a person cant just tap the "A" button quickly to make the blocks stack with no effort. Thanks for the brew!
  2. Hi. I has picz fer youz
  3. What is needed for autogg to know that I have fsd v3? does my folder have to be named fsd or something specific?
  4. We still have to do the kinect and media update afterwards right?
  5. Hello from Len! If you were a member of newskeen.com, the site is closing and I have made realmodscene.com my new home. When I started out with newskeen, it was an awesome experience diving into the scene. However after time, I leared not only how cool people can be but also how un-cool and 2faced people can be. All drama aside, this site is exactly what I was looking to have happen and are happy to be here now
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