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  1. I need help to move games to original dash Pls help
  2. Than what's fakelive and how do i play the minigamesin minecraft
  3. So I heard you can use online features in xbla games that u can use offline but you have to connect to Xbox live. So i tried to do this on Minecraft by turning on the fakelive setting in dashlaunch and in Aurora but the game crashes and the console turns off. I tried using autofake and the game doesn't crash and I can't use the Xbox live features. Please help 🙏
  4. I play cod bo 2 and assassin's creed IV but the tus dont work for either game for me.they dont work for any game except for Minecraft when i play without the tus they work perfectly fine but when i enable the tus it doesnt work plz help. It say pleas download the game again.☚ī¸
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