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  1. Ok, Went into XeXMenu 1.2 Deleted dashlaunch ini Deleted all FSD files/folders Uninstalled Dashlaunch Rebooted and started XeXMenu again Copied over the F3 Rev 775 folder from my USB drive to HDD1 Started DashLaunch 3.12 installer Installed DashLaunch Created an ini using all default settings except for specifying where freestyle was in my paths. Saved ini Launched into freestyle and set up the basics: just my weather api key and JQE360 account Defined my XBLA path Letting it scan now Hope this does the trick.. FSD was crashing constantly and so predictably before. I'll report back
  2. Can someone post the installation files somewhere that works? I went to the GaDaBaMa homepage and the links are to Rapidshare downloads.. Ran the installer from here and got this:
  3. Just an update: Some of the individual game folders for the Xbox Classic games were very long. I have since renamed any long folders and have not had any issues with the game icon showing up multiple times or repeated game art. However, now I have a new problem on my hands: Freestyle is locking up constantly. I'll enter one of the content categories in FSD, such as Xbox Classic or XBLA and just let it sit there and load the cover art for a few seconds. It succesfully shows the cover art for the games as I scroll through them, but if I let it sit there for too long it will crash or just freeze. If it displays the "F3 has crashed" dialog, I will be able to select "Restart F3" but it will freeze as soon as I do and then I have to manually power off the Xbox. It can sit there in FSD without one of the game categories selected as long as I want it to without crashing. But as soon as I select a category, it will crash after about a minute or freeze. I'm thinking my best course of action will be reinstalling FSD at this point. Can anyone point me to the safest recommended settings for DashLaunch before I redo everything again? This is for FSD3 Rev 775. Thank you for any help!!
  4. fezzy, thanks again for the reply. I dunno what to tell you about the psx emu. I've never used it. Freestyle was going bonkers using that box art on an Xbox classic title. I do have an HTPC that runs Hyperspin and uses epsxe however - the compatibility on that emu is phenomenal. So back to my issue, I went back in and deleted all of my scan paths. Then I cleared all my settings in FSD, cleared data again, and started with the Xbox Classic titles strictly in my scan path. I currently have 180 of them in there without any issues - nothing weird is going on in FSD this time. So I'm throwing the rest of them on my external drive as we speak and then will add the other paths if everything goes smoothly. Seems like my database got screwed up somehow in FSD. Keeping my fingers crossed! I'll report back when done.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The Xbox Classic games are all in folder format (extracted DVD contents) and work fine on my original xbox. The contents of each game are inside a folder named after that game. Those folders are inside USB0:\XBOX\ I tried again adding 4 at a time this morning, being careful to omit Bionicle. As soon as I added the 34th game and beyond it started acting up again - doing the same thing as yesterday. It starts applying the full box art from a random game to every game added after number 33. It also skipped the game icon in the web interface for game number 34 until I restarted FSD. At which point it did the same thing as yesterday and displayed 9 identical game icons for game number 34. Here are the pictures: Before Reboot: After Reboot: So I went into General Settings -> Reset Settings -> and hit "Clear Data" FSD cleared all art and restarted itself. It did not clear my game paths that I had set up. When it came back up I told it to run a scan as all box art was now missing. It scanned for a few seconds and only added art for a few XBox classic titles. It didn't add art for ANY of the other categories at all. I give up. I spent hours setting up my Xbox 360 section and everything else. I'm gonna clear all settings and start over now. I will update this.
  6. FSD: 3.0b775 Skin: Dream Theme (latest version - for 775) All skin settings were reset before starting to add anything to library. Dash: 16747 I'm having a lot of trouble adding my Xbox classic titles to my library. I was adding them in alphabetical order, 3 titles at a time. After adding three, I would trigger a manual scan, correct any cover art problems, and restart FSD by flipping to NXE system settings and then starting FSD again. I got about 6 titles past "Bionicle" and FSD went haywire. There were a total of about 33 titles in the Xbox Classic section of the library at this point. In the web interface I had about 6 game icons in the table row for one single game - "Blinx - Time Sweeper" IIRC - and all 6 of the game icons were the one from Bionicle. It had also assigned that same game icon to a few other games as well as using the box art for Bionicle across 6-8 of the games that started with "B". Originally I just threw all of my Xbox Classic games into the scan path for that category of my library and let FSD run a scan, but I got a very similar problem and almost every game in the Xbox Classic section had the Bionicle box art. FSD also showed 6 Bionicle icons next to Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets in the web interface. The icons were just as described above and stacked on top of each other. I'm currently trying this again, 3 at a time, alphabetical order, but I am leaving Bionicle out this time. I can't figure out if there is a problem with that title or if something else is going on. *I found that many of my folders had a title.db file in it from Windows 7 so I went back through and deleted that before my second failed go around. This third time now, I am omitting Bionicle from my collection for the time being. My game path structure: USB0:\XBOX\*XboxClassicGameName*\*ExtractedDVDContents* Any ideas?
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